Friday, July 1, 2016
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Sovella Intros Height-Adjustable Packing Station
Publication Date: 4/19/2016

Canton, GA — Sovella, a designer and manufacturer of industrial furniture, has introduced a high-quality, ergonomic and economical packing station. It has been designed to economize the packing process as well as aid efficiency.
TT Electronics Intros Non-contacting Rotary Position Sensors
Publication Date: 4/19/2016

Weybridge, UK — TT Electronics, a provider of electronics for performance-critical applications, has introduced its MagnePot® 8150 series of high-performance, multi-turn, non-contacting rotary position sensors. The 8150 series has been designed to operate reliably over a minimum of 10 million shaft ...
Vincotech: Housings for Inverters and Power Supplies
Publication Date: 4/19/2016

Unterhaching, Germany — Vincotech, a supplier of module-based solutions for power electronics, has expanded its flow90 family of inverter and power supply housings. The housings are made for standard products with CON, PIM and PACK configurations. They also save space on a PCB due to their ...
X-COM and Keysight Develop RF Streaming Solution
Publication Date: 4/19/2016

Reston, VA — X-COM Systems, a subsidiary of Bird Technologies, has introduced its IQC5255B, the latest in its IQC5000 series of RF record and playback systems. The new model expands the series' signal-capture bandwidth to 255MHz and can be used to address the performance of electronic warfare, radar ...
ABB: More Protective Fuse Holders
Publication Date: 3/10/2016

Zurich, Switzerland — ABB, a manufacturer of power and automation technology, has released its E90 30A and 60A Class J fuse holder family, which expands its selection of UL-listed fuse holders and other protective devices. The fuse holders are available in one-, two-, and three-pole configurations.
Ametherm's ACCU-Curve Series in Stock at Mouser
Publication Date: 3/10/2016

Carson City, NV — Ametherm's ACCU-Curve series of interchangeable thermistors is now in stock at Mouser Electronics. They have been designed to offer a less-expensive alternative to RTD probes and thermocouples, without compromising accuracy.
Anatech: Cavity Filter for Wireless Systems
Publication Date: 3/10/2016

Garfield, NJ — Anatech Electronics has introduced its AD1747-1842D355 cavity duplexer, designed for use in Band IV wireless communications systems.
APEM Thumbstick Series Now Has Elastomer Handles
Publication Date: 3/10/2016

Vista, CA — APEM has launched three new soft-touch elastomer handle options for its TS series thumbstick. Similar in size and operation to gamepad controls, the thumbstick is well-suited for military robotics, material handling and UGV operator control units.
Barry Industries Intros 500W RF Termination
Publication Date: 3/10/2016

Attleboro, MA — Barry Industries, a manufacturer of chip resistors, terminations and attenuators, has introduced a RoHS-compliant flange-mount RF termination. The T50R0-500-15X dissipates 500W and has favorable return loss over a bandwidth of DC to 4.5GHz.
Binder-USA Releases Industrial Cable Connector
Publication Date: 3/10/2016

Camarillo, CA — Binder, a manufacturer of circular connectors and cordsets, has released its RD24 Vario cable outlet. The field-attachable cable connector is designed to fit a range of cable sizes from 7 to 17mm (0.28 to 0.67in).
C&K Releases Micro-Miniature SMT Switches
Publication Date: 3/10/2016

Newton, MA — C&K Components, a manufacturer of electromechanical switches, smart card interconnect devices and connectors, has released its PTS380 series of micro-miniature, SMT, top-actuated switches. The switches have a low profile, an actuation force of 450gf, and a lifecycle of up to 500,000 ...
CDM Offers RF Coaxial Cables for Rail Industry
Publication Date: 3/10/2016

Turnersville, NJ — CDM Electronics, a distributor of connectors and cables, has expanded its variety of custom and value-added RF coaxial and power jumper cable assemblies. The cable assemblies are designed to meet the heavy-duty, harsh environmental needs of the US and Canadian freight and passenger ...
Cicoil Intros Flat Cables for Sub-Zero Temperatures
Publication Date: 3/10/2016

Valencia, CA — Rated for operation in temperatures as low as -65°C (-85°F), Cicoil's flexible flat cables have been designed to be reliable in the punishing weather of polar climates, cryogenic equipment, and space applications. The company created the cables to compete with the likes of ...
ConTech Intros 10W DC/DC Converter
Publication Date: 3/10/2016

Concord, CA — ConTech, a division of Calex, has introduced its DMT series of DC/DC converters. The DMT series offers up to 10W of regulated output power, with an industry standard DIP footprint.
Creform Creates Cart to Hold Irregular Shapes
Publication Date: 3/10/2016

Greer, SC — Creform hopes to put the "flex" in flexible part handling with its custom saddle carts. The carts are built in two levels, and are wide enough for parts to be spread out and avoid tangling.
CUI Intros Universal Power Supplies
Publication Date: 3/10/2016

Tualatin, OR — CUI has developed a family of Level VI compliant external AC/DC power supplies, which range from 5 to 36W, with interchangeable AC input blades. Designed for global use, the wall plug in the SMI5-USB, SMI6, SMI18, SMI24, and SMI36 includes AC blade options for North America, Europe ...
Delphin: Expert Logger for Multi-Channel Use
Publication Date: 3/10/2016

Chesterland, OH — Delphin has expanded its popular Expert Logger product line with the Expert Logger 300, and made it available through its North American distributor CAS Dataloggers. The logger is equipped with 46 universal channels to handle any multi-channel requirement. It is designed to be used ...
Divelbiss: Rugged Wireless Communications Controller
Publication Date: 3/10/2016

Fredericktown, OH — Divelbiss Corporation has introduced the HEC-Gateway Controller, an enhanced version of its communications controller which can now be used in harsh environments. The controller is capable of translating between various industrial bus protocols and network clouds with the Divelbiss ...
EC Fans: Two New Energy Efficient Motors
Publication Date: 3/10/2016

New Bedford, MA — EC Fans & Drives, a division of Epec Engineered Technologies, has released two energy efficient EC (electrically commutated) motors. Developed over a span of two years, the EConomy and EXRi50 have been designed for the commercial refrigeration and HVAC markets.
Electro-Mech Intros Potentiometer Switch
Publication Date: 3/10/2016

South El Monte, CA — Electro-Mech Components, a designer and manufacturer of pushbuttons, lights and switches, has introduced its SW44994 potentiometer switch mechanism. The assembly offers both rotary and push-on/pull-off functions. The component is compact, to save panel space in a design. ...
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