Friday, May 26, 2017
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VTI Showcases Complete Gasket Lineup

Reedsburg, WI — VTI Vacuum Technologies is showcasing its aluminum coating and form-in-place (FIP) gaskets, designed for electronic equipment protection. The company also offers parts that have non-conductive gaskets for sealing against liquid contaminants, and conductive gaskets for protection from ...
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Wurth Components Used in MPS Power Modules

Watertown, SD — Wurth Electronics power inductors and capacitors are now being used in Monolithic Power Systems' (MPS) mEZ plug-and-play power module solutions. Carefully selected, the components now contribute to the high efficiency of MPS products.
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XiTRON Offers Multichannel Power Analyzer

San Diego, CA — XiTRON Technologies has introduced its XT2640 series of precision multichannel power analyzers. The XT2640 is a powerful, accurate, four-channel testing and analyzing system for all power test applications.
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Zeiss: Microscopes for Electronics Manufacturing

Thornwood, NY — Zeiss is offering a line of powerful and versatile stereo microscopes for electronics manufacturing, including the Axio Vert.A1 inverted routine microscope for materials, the Primotech POL polarization microscope, and the Stemi 508 stereo microscope for routine industrial tasks. ...
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Alpha Intros Silver-Free Cored Solder Wire

Somerset, NJ — Alpha Assembly Solutions has introduced its ALPHA® SnCX Plus 07, a silver-free cored solder wire. The solder wire is a fast-wetting solution with clear residue and is priced appropriately for medium- to low-end assemblies. It can be used for LED applications, provides low spatter ...
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Apollo Seiko Intros Laser Soldering System

Bridgman, MI — Apollo Seiko has introduced its latest laser soldering system, the J-CAT MLU-FS. The micro-laser soldering system has a reduced head size, allowing it to be used easily with many types of robots and equipment. With its non-contact laser, it heats up the target with high-energy light ...
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ASC Offers VisionPro Series SPI and AOI Systems

Medina, MN — ASC International now offers its VisionPro series of SPI and AOI systems. The VisionPro series of SPI systems incorporates advanced, rapid 3D inspection technology coupled with an intuitive Windows® 7 operating system, along with 2D high-resolution sensing technology. Rugged and compact ...
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Ascentech Offers New Optilia Inspection Equipment

Chester, CT — Ascentch, the North American distributor for Optilia Instruments AB and for Gen3 Systems, is introducing new products from each company to the North American market. Ascentech is launching Optilia's high-definition camera system and Gen3's solder saver, a solder/dross separation tool ...
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Aven Mighty Cam Auto Provides Instant Focus

Ann Arbor, MI — Aven has introduced an addition to its Mighty Cam line of inspection cameras, the Mighty Cam Auto Focus. The powerful inspection camera has been designed to provide instant image focusing.
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BTU's Prediction Tool Reduces Cost of Oven Ownership

North Billerica, MA — BTU International's RecipePro is a recipe generation tool that includes convection rate in the recipe generator algorithm, which pairs it well with Pyramax's closed-loop convection control. The integration of ECD's recipe generator technology into BTU's advanced reflow systems ...
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CAIG Laboratories Intros Cleaner and Solder Flux

Poway, CA — CAIG Laboratories has introduced its Deoxit® Gold series along with its CAIG no-clean solder flux. The Deoxit Gold is a metal contact and connector enhancer, cleaner and conditioner. It is designed to improve all metal electrical connections and virtually eliminates any data intermittency ...
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CalcuQuote Releases Updated Quote Management System

Dallas, TX — CalcuQuote has unveiled a new version of its quote management system for electronics manufacturing services (EMS) companies. The overhaul includes additional integration with major component distributors, a new and improved user interface and advanced functionality to support consolidated bills ...
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Cogiscan's Track, Trace and Control Platform Enables Industry 4.0

Bromont, Quebec, Canada — Cogiscan has developed a track, trace and control (TTC) platform that allows a wide variety of independent manufacturing systems to communicate. The TTC middleware connects with all leading machine and software vendors, offering a modular, highly-configurable and robust ...
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Conductive Containers Releases KleanStat Line

New Hope, MN — Conductive Containers has introduced a range of new products in 2016, among them the KleanStat line of ESD-safe packaging products. The packaging products are permanently dissipative, cleanroom compatible, and include a soft, flexible material that can be thermoformed to specification ...
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Conecsus Presents SMT Waste Metals Recycling Solutions

Terrell, TX — Conecsus processes wastes primarily containing tin, tin-zinc, lead, silver, gold, and copper, and converts them into usable metal products for sale in the global market. The company's recycling technology benefits SMT/PCB electronics manufacturers by providing a new way of dealing with ...
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Count On Tools Becomes Panasonic Total Solutions Partner

Gainesville, GA — Count On Tools has become a partner of Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America and one of the company's Total Solutions Partners. Count On Tools now provides complementary production solutions compatible with all Panasonic equipment. The company has worked closely with Panasonic ...
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CyberOptics Maximizes Yields with MRS-Enabled 3D AOI

Minneapolis, MN — CyberOptics' SQ3000 3D AOI system is designed to maximize ROI and line utilization with multi-view 3D sensors that capture and transmit data simultaneously and in parallel, accelerating 3D inspection speed as opposed to alternate technology.
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DEK Delivers Stinger Dispensing Module to Saline Lectronics

Saline, MI — DEK, a part of ASM Assembly Systems, recently installed a Stinger dispensing module for Saline Lectronics' DEK Horizon 03iX printer, which is currently used in a high-volume SMT line. Lectronics plans to add the Stinger to its other DEK printers in the future.
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Ersa Offers Rework, Inspection and Vacuum Systems

Plymouth, WI — Kurtz Ersa North America has developed a variety of electronics production equipment, most recently its HR 550 rework system, the Ersa Mobile Scope, i-Con Vario 4, and Smartflow 2020.
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Essemtec Intros Compact Pick-and-Place Machine

Glassboro, NJ — Essemtec's new Fox pick-and-place machine is designed for small production environments. With linear motors and a mineral cast frame, the machine provides exceptional speed, stability and accuracy. The system measures 88 x 109 cm (34.65 x 42.91 in.) and accepts PCBs up to 406 x 305 ...
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