Tuesday, August 30, 2016
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Zeiss Increases Speed of Scanning Electron Microscope
Publication Date: 7/5/2016

Thornwood, NY — Zeiss has released a variant of its fast-scanning electron microscope, the MultiSEM 506. The microscope contains 96 beams that work in parallel to increase throughput over the MultiSEM 505 by a factor of three.
Aven's Artis Tweezers Reduce Hand Fatigue
Publication Date: 6/8/2016

Ann Arbor, MI — The tweezer is one of the longest-standing and most important parts of a stocked workbench, and Aven has introduced new tweezers designed for precision and comfortable use. The Artis tweezers have an angled bend at the end of the tip, which provides a soft grip with a large surface ...
Branson Ultrasonics Releases Vibration Welder
Publication Date: 6/8/2016

Danbury, CT — Branson Ultrasonics, an Emerson business, has released its GVX-3 vibration welder. The user-configurable design of the welder complements a powerful set of standard features and application-specific upgrades. The options include everything from the company's dual-axis clean vibration ...
Cicor Creates Flexible Antenna for Intraocular Implant
Publication Date: 6/8/2016

Cambridge, MA — Cicor, a producer of complex PCBs and a provider of outsourcing services, has created a flexible coil antenna for an intraocular pressure-sensing implant. The antenna is used for transmitting and receiving data, as well as supplying power to the microsensor that wirelessly measures ...
Dymax Conformal Coating Receives UL Certification
Publication Date: 6/8/2016

Torrington, CT — Dymax Dual Cure 9482 has received UL flammability and electrical standards certification for materials used in PCBs. The UV-curable conformal coating, formulated specially to cure in shadowed areas underneath components on a board, now meets UL 746-E (electrical) and UL 94-VO (flammability ...
Glenbrook Offers JewelBox X-Ray Inspection System
Publication Date: 6/8/2016

Randolph, NJ — Glenbrook Technologies, a manufacturer and provider of X-ray inspection systems, offers its popular ultra-compact JewelBox real-time X-ray inspection system. The system provides 500X magnification, and is designed to fit on a standard desk, in an office, or in a small lab.
LUTZE Intros Silflex® Shielded VFD Cable
Publication Date: 6/8/2016

Charlotte, NC — LUTZE, a provider of factory automation products, has introduced a new addition to its line of VFD and motor supply cables: the Silflex® M VFD. The cable is insulated by thermoset XLPE type XHHW-2. The material offers a boost to electrical performance and safety when compared with ...
Nordson MARCH Plasma System Doubles in Capacity
Publication Date: 6/8/2016

Concord, CA — Nordson MARCH, a provider of plasma cleaning equipment, has introduced its ModVIA plasma system. The system is fully-integrated and flexible, and can double in capacity from four to eight cells (8-16 panels) to accommodate manufacturing growth. The new plasma cleaning system has ...
Noritake Releases Capacitive Touchscreen Displays
Publication Date: 6/8/2016

Fair Lawn, NJ — Noritake Co., a manufacturer of user interface components and HMI solutions, has released its latest capacitive touchscreen displays, which include VFD, LCD, switch panels, and EMI shields. The Chicago-based company stocks an array of standard VFD, LCD, OLED, touchscreen, and EMI ...
Plasma Etch Demos Plasma Cleaner
Publication Date: 6/8/2016

Carson City, NV — Plasma Etch, a manufacturer of plasma treatment systems, is providing live demonstrations of its PE-50 plasma cleaner. The company is demonstrating the machine so that medical design manufacturers can get their hands on a working system.
Technic Offers Custom Electropolishing Systems
Publication Date: 6/8/2016

Pawtucket, RI — Technic offers electropolishing systems that are suited to process catheters, scalpels, saws, and screens during manufacturing. The systems handle parts that have sizes of a few millimeters up to 20 in2. According to the company, the system offers better part-to-part uniformity ...
Zeiss Intros Smartproof 5 for Industrial Applications
Publication Date: 6/8/2016

Jena, Germany — Zeiss has introduced its Smartproof 5, a new wide-field, confocal microscope designed for a wide range of industrial applications in quality control departments, on production floors, and in R&D labs. The microscope provides 3D reconstructions and roughness measurements for a variety ...
Akrometrix Intros Automated Die Attach Tilt Metrology
Publication Date: 4/19/2016

Atlanta, GA — Akrometrix LLC, a provider of thermal warpage and strain metrology equipment, has developed an automated die-board (or daughter-mother board) attach tilt metrology. All of the company's shadow moire or DFP systems (AXPs) can be upgraded with the new feature.
All Flex Launches Online Heater Design Course
Publication Date: 4/19/2016

Northfield, MN — All Flex, a manufacturer of flexible printed circuits and heaters, has added a flexible heater design element to its online flexible circuit design course. It is a self-paced course that provides technical information to support the engineering community and discusses the topics of polyimide ...
Alpha Wire Expands Coaxial Cable Line
Publication Date: 4/19/2016

Elizabeth, NJ — Alpha Wire recently expanded its coaxial cable product line under its Alpha Essentials product family to include micro-coax sizes from 32 to 50 AWG. With the addition of micro-coax, the company now offers cables that range from 10 to 50 AWG.
Ametherm's ACCU-Curve Series in Stock at Mouser
Publication Date: 4/19/2016

Carson City, NV — Ametherm's ACCU-Curve series of interchangeable thermistors is now in stock at Mouser Electronics. The devices have been designed to offer a less-expensive alternative to RTD probes and thermocouples, without compromising accuracy.
APEM Intros Illuminated Pushbutton Switches
Publication Date: 4/19/2016

Vista, CA — APEM, a manufacturer of high-quality miniature and industrial switches, has released its latest series of illuminated pushbutton switches. Designed after a traditional pushbutton, the FD series includes superposed filter technology which reacts to red and green light only, allowing the ...
ASM Alternative Energy offers Eclipse Metallization Platform
Publication Date: 4/19/2016

Taipei, Taiwan — The coming year in the solar energy market promises to be a bit brighter than the previous few. Market developments that took place in 2015 are giving solar a boost in large, critical regions, which is encouraging the use of alternative energy. Most notably, world leaders came together ...
Aven Intros High-Performance Accu-Cut Cutters
Publication Date: 4/19/2016

Ann Arbor, MI — Aven Tools has introduced its affordable and accurate Accu-Cut cutters. The premium cutters have been crafted carefully to fit the work conditions of today's user without damaging key components, as devices and boards continue to decrease in size.
Avnet Intros Multi-Protocol Industrial Ethernet Kit
Publication Date: 4/19/2016

Phoenix, AZ — Avnet, a global technology distributor, has launched the MicroZed Industry 4.0 Ethernet kit (14EK). The kit enables multi-protocol industrial Ethernet solutions based on the Xilinx® Zynq®-7000 all-programmable SoC and Anybus® technology from HMS industrial networks. By offering ...
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