Friday, April 28, 2017
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Classifying and Combating Electromagnetic Interference

In today's world, many pieces of electronic and electrical equipment operate in close proximity, bringing with them the potential for each device to generate electromagnetic disturbances, interfering with those nearby. Equipment malfunctions caused by interference can have consequences ...

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Cutting Costs with Multi-Sourced SMT Replacement Parts

As the electronics industry becomes more saturated, new companies are finding it more difficult to carve out a competitive niche. With such a variety of players, from multibillion dollar corporations to single-line board shops, it is valuable that some companies offer a range of equipment ...
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New Levels of Traceability for Electronics Manufacturing

The IPC (Association Connecting Electronics Industries®) has developed a new standard and specification for traceability practices. The standard, IPC-1782, defines four levels of material and process traceability. The adoption of IPC-1782 will allow many companies to progress from ...
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Product Highlight: INGUN Push-On RF Probes

INGUN has developed a new series of RF probes with a locking mechanism that can withstand more than 100,000 mating cycles. Spring-loaded coaxial probes, used to test SMA and other RF connectors, are not particularly new. These probes were introduced by INGUN several years ago as a test ...
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Product Highlight: Seica Compact Digital Test System

Recent innovations in digital components are requiring more sophisticated tests. New logic families with variable voltage levels and single or differential signals are adding to this complexity. At the same time, industrial manufacturing environments require processing capabilities ...
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Reducing Stack Height with Low-Profile SMT Connectors

To fit more functionality into tighter spaces, multiple circuit boards are typically needed. These multiple boards require some form of board-to-board electrical interconnections to link the different functions of each board. Numerous choices are available for these board-to-board interconnections ...

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Safeguarding Production by Optimizing Supply Chain

After years of being only theory, the smart factory is finally within reach. ASM's Munich plant has put the idea into practice through a combination of factory automation, digital supply chain management, an efficient layout, and robust IT systems.
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Standalone JTAG Test and Programming Solutions

In collaboration with several leading fixture manufacturers, JTAG has developed special solutions to simplify the integration of its controllers into a range of test fixtures. These solutions are based on the fixture model of the company's mixed-signal controller, JT 5705/FXT. The integration ...
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The Impact of LV 214-4: German Automotive OEM Connector Test Spec

Standards and specifications from various organizations provide guidelines by which manufacturers can measure different areas of quality, while also providing the end user with the assurance that they are purchasing a trustworthy, long-lasting product. Within the wire processing industry ...

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Viessmann Targets Energy Efficiency in Reflow Soldering

For high-mix/low-volume manufacturers, energy efficiency is a key issue. One of these energy-hungry areas is the reflow soldering process. The Viessmann Group, a German-based manufacturer of HVAC systems, has spent the better part of the last decade streamlining the energy usage of ...
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Automated Cleaning Processes Improve Quality and Increase Volume

The consistent purity of the materials used to fabricate electronic components is critically important to their performance. To achieve the levels of purity necessary for semiconductor-grade silicon chips, MEMs, biotechnology, LED panels, and photovoltaics, the materials must be cleaned ...

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Compliance: A Tough Approach to Replacing Conventional SMT Adhesives

Die attach, staking, underfilling, glob topping, encapsulation, damming, and filling processes are all part of the job when populating circuit boards. With such a variety of processes, it is no surprise that many types of polymer composite compounds are needed. The many SMT materials ...

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Futuristic Trends in Battery Charging Technology

The global market for batteries today exceeds $83 billion, and according to research from the Fredonia Group, it will grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 7.8 percent through 2019 as devices continue to proliferate. Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries make up the largest ...

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Laser Wire Stripping — Focused on the Science of Interconnects

Laser wire stripping was developed to mitigate the risk of damaging delicate wire conductors that is always present when using traditional mechanical wire stripping tools. First developed by NASA in the 1970s, and used for the space program, laser wire stripping allowed the shuttles ...
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Reducing the Expense of Servicing Diaphragm Dispensing Valves

An exponential increase in the availability and use of two-part epoxy adhesives is providing valuable benefits for a growing number of manufacturing applications. Often enabling significantly faster and more dependable bonding than conventional adhesives, two-part adhesives are able to ...

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Reliable Soldering for Medical Equipment

Medical devices require exceedingly high quality and reliability due to their role in safeguarding human lives. Such devices are designed from specialty components and materials that are not typically seen in consumer electronics. Soldering precision components, which may be extremely ...

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Switch On and Get Started with Equipment from Rehm

Blaubeuren-Seissen, Germany — The electronics industry is constantly facing new challenges in the processing of components — from handling the smallest parts to achieving the highest standards in void-free solder joints, and increasing quality through resistant conformal coatings ...

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Taking Charge of ESD Caused by Tapes and Labels

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is present in everyday life, and its effects range from mildly unpleasant to extremely dangerous. From taking static-charged clothes out of the dryer to touching a lamp after shuffling your feet across a rug in dry weather, to storm clouds creating lightning ...

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Ultrasonic Welding Meets Needs of Complex Automotive Electronics

Sonobond Ultrasonic's metal welding technology has been developing alongside the growing number of increasingly complex electronic components, especially those in the automotive industry. The company offers wire-to-terminal welders that produce single point ground terminals, and can ...

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When Lightning Strikes — Keeping Aircraft Flying

If you travel regularly by air, then it is quite likely that while flying through a thunderstorm your plane was struck by lightning. You probably weren't aware of it, and that is the way it should be. A lightning strike is a safety-critical event and happens so frequently that it can ...

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