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Enhancing Fluid Dispense Platform Accuracy
Publication Date: 2/12/2014

Miniaturization trends in semiconductor applications continue to push the limits of fluid dispenser capabilities to accurately dispense fluids into smaller spaces between printed-circuit-board (PCB) components, camera modules, and die. Customers are increasingly more concerned with ...
Germanium Not Phosphorus for Nickel-Doped, Lead-Free Solders
Publication Date: 2/12/2014

Removing lead from solder has raised the importance of micro-alloying elements and other chemical agents and compounds in modern electronic circuits. The large-scale changeover of the electronics industry to producing printed-circuit boards (PCBs) with lead-free solder has placed a ...
GHz Sockets Support High-Speed, High-Density IC Packages
Publication Date: 2/12/2014

Today's high-speed packaged devices use multi-GHz clock speeds, fine pin densities (of below 0.4-mm pitch), and high pin counts (in excess of 2000). But the method of mounting such high-speed packaged devices to a PCB is critical for achieving top performance. Socketing is one means ...
Jet Technology: Advances in Fluid Dispensing
Publication Date: 2/12/2014

Demand continues to grow for electronic devices that can be made smaller in size, driving manufacturing and packaging technologies to find new ways to dispense electronic packaging materials in ever-smaller amounts and with greater speed and accuracy. As a result, a great deal of attention ...
New Approaches to Electrical Power in "Smart" Homes
Publication Date: 2/12/2014

Smart homes might eventually solve our problems with energy efficiency, but we still have a long way to go. All of our home electronic appliances run on DC, including today's LED lighting, so efficient power supply units (PSUs) will play an essential role in significantly reducing power ...
Power-Supply Common Mode Noise
Publication Date: 2/12/2014

Noise in an electronic circuit or system consists of random or undesired fluctuations in the electrical signals or voltage source. Noise is often conducted through interconnect cables and conducting metal parts such as brackets, shields, and the chassis. Radiated noise is a form of ...
Storing Test Data In The Cloud
Publication Date: 2/12/2014

Automatic-test-equipment (ATE) systems are renowned for their advanced measurement capabilities, whether for measuring anything from DC power to the fastest digital signals. But these same systems can generate massive amounts of test results, which make data storage a challenge. Many ...
Apply Line Scan Technology for Improved AOI
Publication Date: 8/15/2013

Automated optical inspection (AOI) is a critical part of ensuring high quality in production printed-circuit boards (PCBs). But to ensure quality, many AOI equipment suppliers simply will add an additional downward-looking, field-of-view (FOV) camera, circled by a ring light to help ...
Driving SMT Solutions for the Automotive Industry
Publication Date: 8/15/2013

Electronic content has been increasing steadily in automobiles, and the large and growing automotive markets in North and South America offer great business opportunities for electronics components manufacturers. But those suppliers must consider some special requirements of the automotive ...
PC-Based Vision Simplifies SMD Component Placement
Publication Date: 8/1/2013

Populating today's PCBs requires high-speed and high-accuracy component placement. The Genesis and Advantis® surface-mount placement systems from Universal Instruments Corp. has helped PCB builders at both original equipment manufacturers' and contract electronics manufacturers' facilities ...
Size Up Component Defects Nondestructively
Publication Date: 8/1/2013

Acoustic microscopic imaging can locate internal defects in packaged integrated circuits (ICs) and other components without physically damaging the package. The microscope's transducer sends a pulse of ultrasound into the sample. The pulse is reflected, partly or entirely, by material ...
Sizing Up the Benefits of Quantum Computers
Publication Date: 8/1/2013

Computers have come a long way in recent decades, driven by the power available in microprocessors. Intel co-founder Gordon E. Moore at one time (in a 1965 technical paper) proposed that the number of components in an integrated circuit (IC) or microprocessor would double each two years ...
Take The Guesswork Out Of AOI: Measure
Publication Date: 8/1/2013

Automated optical inspection (AOI) has become an essential tool for SMT production lines, although the use of AOI systems and technology is far from standard in the industry. Initially, the main objective in using AOI equipment was to improve quality and productivity by reducing the ...
Automated Optical Inspection Keeps Pace With QA Demands
Publication Date: 7/8/2013

Smaller components and more densely packed printed-circuit boards (PCBs) are challenging the best efforts of electronic manufacturers to maintain a high level of quality assurance (QA). But as more and more manufacturers and integrated manufacturing services (IMS) providers are discovering ...
Camera-Assisted Automation Enhances Bond Testing
Publication Date: 7/8/2013

Bond testing grows in importance with every advance in semiconductor packaging technology. The bond testing capabilities of many facilities are being challenged to characterize the integrity of interconnections within semiconductor devices with ultrafine pitches, containing stacked ...
Heating Up Multiple Ovens For CM Production
Publication Date: 7/8/2013

Contract manufacturers (CMs) producing electronic printed circuit board (PCBs) often must juggle multiple ovens for properly managing reflow processes. Although multiple ovens can bring added capability, they can also bring a degree of difficulty to the validation process, and most ...
Pulse Generators "Stimulate" Medical Device Industry
Publication Date: 7/8/2013

Neuromodulation has spurred a great deal of excitement in recent years for treatment of different medical conditions and diseases. This technology uses electrical signals to stimulate or block different nerve impulses in the body and is adapted from technology used in cardiac rhythm ...
Thinking "Green" Makes Demand for Power Semiconductors Grow
Publication Date: 7/8/2013

Recently, IHS Research ( announced a forecast for power semiconductors with an expected compound annual growth rate of 8 percent. This figure is slightly less than in previous reports, but still indicates the potential of this market. The demand for power semiconductors ...
Underfilling Flip-Chip Die Using Continuous-Path Motion Control
Publication Date: 7/8/2013

Flip-chip devices have been important components in electronic circuits for some time, with underfill technology helping to minimize thermal stress between flip chips and the substrates on which they are mounted. The process of adding underfill materials to flip chips and other miniature ...
3D X-Ray Inspection Provides Quality Check of Double-sided PCBs
Publication Date: 3/12/2013

Today's electronics are more compact, complex and faster than earlier versions of the same products. Smaller products demand reduced power usage along with lower costs. Space saving techniques used to accomplish these goals includes newer component packages with hidden leads under ...
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