Tuesday, February 21, 2017
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What Every Contract Manufacturer Needs to Know About Product Development

In the landmark HBR article, "The Four Things a Service Business Must Get Right," by Frances X. Frei, the author differentiates a product business from a service business. The author states that in a service business, unlike products businesses, the customer is a key part of the product realization ...

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Containers Cut Weight But Not Durability

Containers for storage or transport are often overlooked in the electronics industry, even though they can be critical to the function of any manufacturing facility or warehouse. Properly designed containers can provide protection and durability while at the same time trimming weight for increased ...

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Handling Miniature Parts Safely With Vacuum Tweezers

Handling miniature parts is becoming more challenging for manufacturers since many parts continue to get smaller even as they increase their levels of integration and functional complexity. These miniature parts are being incorporated in a growing number of electronic products, including cellular ...
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Case Study: Schleuniger Provides Automation and Quality for Draxlmaier Group

One thing all companies are continually looking to achieve is to cut costs and increase efficiencies. In addition, companies must remain compliant with the strict quality and safety standards of their industry, adding even more pressure. Because of this, innovative, automated and easy ...

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Lean NPI — Closing the Gaps

Traditionally, PCB layout designers produce many drawings and data packages to send for manufacture. These traditional drawings and data contain specifications and requirements that the assemblers and fabricators need to know to deliver the correct product. When sent as separate BOM, Gerber files ...

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PCB Design Considerations for High Power LEDs (Part 1)

The transition to light-emitting diodes (LEDs) from conventional forms of lighting has not been without issues. However, the high light output vs. input power and long operating lifetimes make LEDs attractive for many applications, such as automotive systems. Engineers have quickly learned that the ...

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Solder-Bearing RF Shields Cut Costs, Improve Quality

Radio-frequency (RF) shielding is an important part of the design and manufacturing of modern electronic products, including Smartphones, computer tablets, and other handheld electronic devices that require consistent quality from high-volume production environments. As these devices become smaller ...

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When a Corrective Action Report Corrects Nothing

An automotive company was experiencing field failures of an electronic module. Failure analysis on one module led to a via that, when cross-sectioned, showed a circumferential void. Predictably, the lab report regressed back through the system from the auto company to the module supplier to the contract ...

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Benelux EMS Pioneer Embraces 3D AOI Measurement

Defects must be found and their causes corrected so that the EMS can deliver high-quality assemblies on time — a key focus at LIAD Electronics, a privately owned contract manufacturer in Breda, The Netherlands. The company has been at the forefront of manufacturing and quality assurance for its ...
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Understanding Component Library Management

Component library management may not be the topic of greatest interest to design engineers, but it is certainly important to developers and users of electronic-design-automation (EDA) tools in the electronics industry. In performing test-and-measurement engineering for a large defense company, it ...
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Solder Recovery: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse

Solder recovery serves not just the electronics industry but the entire world, helping to make economical use of materials while avoiding poisoning the environment. EVS International supplies the solder recovery market, having received 16 international awards for its equipment, focuses ...
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Advanced Device Serialization Using an External Serialization Server

Serialization is the process of writing unique data to each programmed device. It can be used to program basic numeric serial numbers to a single device address and also to program more complex data such as MAC addresses, encryption keys, GUIDs, and randomization seeds to several device addresses ...

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Vertical Processing Line Etches Fine PCB Features

Printed-circuit-board (PCB) producers are being asked for thinner circuit boards, with narrower line widths and spacings. Fortunately, the Vertical Developing/Etching/Stripping (DES) line of PCB production systems from Schmid can help meet these demands. These high-performance production solutions can ...

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Why Is There So Much Variation in PCB Quotes?

There is no such thing as a "standard cost" for a PC board. What you have is a base cost derived from the number of layers to process and then adders that begin with the laminate choice and continue for every process operation. Every seller — Fabricator, Broker, Representative — have a concise ...

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Onshoring with Automation

Last quarter, Tim Cook announced that Apple would invest $100 million into US manufacturing. Although a small portion of Apple's total net worth, the announcement is a high profile example of the recent Onshoring trend that is predicted to be at the forefront of company agendas throughout ...

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Change Is Coming to the Cleaning Industry — Again

Cleaning is once again the focus of new government regulation. The last big change in cleaning came in 1995 as a result of the Montreal Protocol which eliminated the use of chlorofluorocarbon solvents (CFCs) for cleaning everything from PCBs to aircraft engines.

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Step Stencils: Where and Why to Use Them

The demand for step stencils is increasing. Why? Shrinking components. Step stencils offer significant flexibility in achieving the proper solder paste height and volume for the overall paste printing process. Steps are available on the PCB side, squeegee side, or on both sides of the stencil. There are ...

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Troubleshooting: Platinum Catalyzed Silicones

Curable silicone systems can be challenging to use because each is formulated with specific amounts of catalysts, crosslinkers, polymers and inhibitors that can be sensitive to different processes, additives, and environmental conditions. Specifically, catalysts and inhibitors have ...
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Not Just Talk: Flashtalk Upgrades Screen Printing

Flashtalk Technology understands the importance of selecting the right electronics manufacturing services partner. Because of this, the company commits itself to providing the highest quality, cost-effective and responsive electronics assembly services available. Its experienced team ...
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How Diamond Die and Mold Goes Green

While the tool and die industry hasn't always been known for its environmentally friendly practices, the tide is turning at Diamond Die and Mold Company in Clinton Township, Michigan. Under the leadership of JoAnn Hinds, Diamond Die has made improvements to the physical plant as well as changes in ...

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