Thursday, July 28, 2016
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Subminiature Micro Switch from Microprecision

Vouvry, Switzerland — Numerous control applications depend on pressure switches to operate reliably. To convert physical pressure differential into an electrical signal, a mechanical switch inside is used. Microprecision Electronics offers a variation of its MP500 sealed subminiature micro switch ...

Techcon Launches Hot Melt Jet and Controller

Garden Grove, CA — Techcon Systems, a product group of OK International and a provider of fluid dispensing systems, has launched its TS9300HM series PUR hot melt jet valve and TS930 controller. The jet and controller have been designed especially for high-temperature applications.

Tech-Etch Offers Broad Selection of Alloys

Plymouth, MA — Tech-Etch, a specialist in etching, forming, heat treating and finishing components made from metals, offers a broad selection of alloys with spring characteristics.

Videology: Diverse Line of USB 3.0 Cameras

Greenville, RI — Videology Imaging Solutions, through its distributor Framos, offers a complete line of USB 3.0 cameras for industrial and medical applications, barcode reading, inspection lines, microscopes, and many other mass market uses. Completely plug-and-play, with bandwidths of 5GB/s, the ...

ACL Staticide Intros ESD-safe Floor Vinyl

Chicago, IL — ACL Staticide has introduced conductive vinyl flooring material for ESD protected areas. Homogeneous distribution of carbon black and proprietary polymers give the thermoplastic floor covering a continuous conductive path to the ground.

CAMI Intros Connector Board for CableEye

Acton, MA — CAMI Research has developed a new connector board for its CableEye cable and harness testing systems. Populated with eight shielded RJ45 connectors, the boards may be used to test shielded or unshielded cables. Hipot rated to 500VDC and 350VAC, the CB18C may be used on all CableEye models ...

Cicoil's Long-lost Apollo Space Cable Returns Home

Valencia, CA — Almost 50 years after an Apollo space walk, a long-lost flat cable harness has returned home to Cicoil. The "bio-harness" assembly, built by the company for the 1969 Apollo 9 space mission, was acquired at a NASA Apollo space program auction.

Cincinnati Test adds EtherNet/IP to Testers

Harrison, OH — Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS), a part of the TASI Group, has added EtherNet/IP as a standard communications option to its Sentinel I28, C28, and Blackbelt test instruments. The addition will reduce the cost of installing the systems, as a result of their use of standardized CIP ...

Engineered Material Systems: Dry-film Negative Photoresist

Delaware, OH — Engineered Material Systems, a supplier of negative photoresist materials, has introduced its DF-3010 dry-film negative photoresist. The material has been designed for use in micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), wafer-level packaging and CMOS applications. It has been formulated ...

EpoxySet: UL Approved Silicone for Potting

Lincoln, RI — EpoxySet, a manufacturer of epoxy, urethane, silicone, and grease systems, has developed its Silcast 550-LV-RT, a thermally conductive silicone compound. The low-viscosity compound is suitable for potting, encapsulating, and casting at temperatures up to 205°C (401°F).

Eraser Offers Wire and Cable Cutters

Syracuse, NY — The Eraser Company, a manufacturer of cable, tubing, and wire processors, provides a selection of tools to cut many types of wire and cable. The company is now offering hand-operated, foot-pedal, and air-operated cutters.

Everett Charles Intros Spring Probes

Fontana, CA — Everett Charles Technologies has introduced its EDGE series of high-performance spring probes for in-circuit and functional PCBA testing. The probes are designed to be durable, improve first-pass yield results, and to help avoid excessive cleaning cycles.

Leader Tech Intros EMI Shield Clips

Tampa, FL — Leader Tech, a designer and manufacturer of EMI/RFI shielding technologies, has introduced its latest product, Tech Clips. The clips are designed to attach EMI shields to PCBs, and can be placed manually, or by high-speed, automated equipment. Once on the board, the clips hold shield ...

Oxley: High-Temperature SMT Test Points

Branford, CT — Oxley, a designer and producer of interconnect products, has introduced its HT SMOX series of high-temperature SMT test terminals. The series is designed for use specifically with RoHS-compliant, lead-free solders.

Static Solutions Intros Ohm-Stat Field Service Kit

Hudson, MA — Static Solutions, a global ESD manufacturer, has introduced its Ohm-Stat field service kit, which incorporates an industrial strength polymer film. Included in the kit is an Ohm-Stat SP-101 ground plane tester.

Thermonics Intros Air- and Water-Cooled Chillers

Mansfield, MA — Thermonics Corp. has introduced a family of low-temperature air- and water-cooled chillers for industrial and lab use. The portable, two-stage, cascade refrigeration chillers can reach temperatures as low as -80°C (-112°F).

Akrometrix Releases Panel Warpage Measurement System

Atlanta, GA — Akrometrix LLC, a provider of thermal warpage and strain metrology equipment, has released its entry into the Fan Out Wafer Level Processing (FOWLP) market with the AKM600P. The machine is a single-shot full field of view warpage metrology system for panels up to 600 x 600mm (23.6 x ...

Alpha Offers Cored Solder Wire with InnoLot Alloy

Somerset, NJ — Alpha, a producer of electronic soldering materials, has engineered its Telecor HF-850 Cored Solder Wire with InnoLot alloy to increase the reliability of under-hood electronics. A primary concern of automotive electronics manufacturers is the lifespan of the vehicle. It is important ...

atg Luther & Maelzer Launches Grid Tester

Wertheim, Germany — atg Luther & Maelzer, a supplier of electrical test equipment, has launched its LM2010 grid tester. The system combines a well-established grid test system with state-of-the-art Sniper optical alignment and can handle large PCBs with pads down to 100 to 150µ in size.

Bentek Solar Receives Patents for Inverter Racks

San Jose, CA — Bentek Solar, a manufacturer of products that connect PV panels to inverters, has received patents for its PowerRack and PowerSkid. Over the past year, the company has been able to provide benefits in labor, materials and time with its commercial rooftop inverter installations. ...
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