Wednesday, July 27, 2016
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Amada Miyachi Intros Electronic Weld Head System

Monrovia, CA — Amada Miyachi America, a manufacturer of welding, marking, cutting, and micro-machining equipment, has introduced its Series 320 electronic weld head system. The system has been created specifically for applications that require precise position and force control.

Aved Intros Custom Cable and Harness Assemblies

North Billerica, MA — Aved Electronics, a provider of cable and wire harness assembly services, has introduced new cable and wire harness fabrication using fully automated wire processing equipment. The company is able to create harnesses with nearly any gauge wire and connector type.

Corelis Debuts Version 8.3 Boundary-Scan Tool Suite

Cerritos, CA — Corelis, a supplier of boundary-scan test and measurement tools, has released version 8.3 of its ScanExpress boundary-scan tool suite. The software update incorporates an enhanced user interface for ScanExpress Viewer, test and programming support for e.MMC components in 4-bit configurations ...

Count On Tools Intros StripFeeder Lightweight Kit

Gainesville, GA — Count On Tools (COT), a provider of precision components and SMT spare parts, has introduced a new version of its award-winning line of StripFeeder products — the StripFeeder Lightweight. Increased demand for use of the StripFeeder platform in OEM automated tray towers prompted ...

Dymax Curing Systems Enhance 3D Printing

Torrington, CT — Dymax Corporation offers ultraviolet light-curing spot and flood-lamp systems that enhance configurations for 3D post-curing applications and allow for rework. After a 3D model is built, it may be necessary to supply additional curing energy to the part to ensure the quality of the ...

ECD Expands SmartDRY Dry Storage Line

Milwaukie, OR — ECD, a supplier of thermal monitoring and analysis technology, has expanded its line of SmartDRY intelligent dry storage systems with the addition of its SmartDRY SD-48F. Launched less than a year ago, the company's intelligent dry storage technology has changed the way manufacturers ...

Excelitas Sensors Contribute to LIGO Discovery

Waltham, MA — Excelitas' photodiode technology was used in the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO) discovery that recently confirmed a prediction of Einstein's general theory of relativity. Customized for operation within the ultra-low vacuum of the LIGO system, the YAG-444AH ...

Fujipoly Intros Thermal Interface Thin Film

Carteret, NJ — Fujipoly®, a subsidiary of Fuji Polymer Co. and specialist in the fabrication of silcone rubber technology, has introduced its Sarcon® YR-c thermal interface material. This addition to the Sarcon line is the company's best performing thin film to date.

Grieve Releases Electric Belt Conveyor Oven

Round Lake, IL — Grieve Corporation, a manufacturer of industrial furnaces and ovens, has released its No. 851, a 650°F (343.33°C) electrically-heated belt conveyor oven for soldering metal parts.

Hemco Intros Lab Safety Shower Decontamination Booth

Independence, MO — Hemco Corporation has introduced an emergency laboratory safety shower decontamination booth. When time is of the essence after exposure to a hazardous substance, any delay, even for a few seconds, can result in serious injury. OSHA and ANSI require that emergency showers be located ...

IPTE Intros Lean Stick Feeder

Genk, Belgium — IPTE, a supplier of automated production equipment for the electronics industry, has introduced its Lean Stick Feeder (LSF) — the successor to the MSF Stick Feeder. The company also offers variants of the feeder to accommodate different types of pick-and-place equipment.

Ironwood Intros Extreme Temperature Socket

Eagan, MN — Ironwood Electronics has introduced an LGA socket that addresses high-performance requirements for 1.2mm (0.047in) pitch devices — the CBT-LGA-5012. Its contactor is a stamped spring pin with 31g actuation force per pin and a cycle life of 500,000 insertions.

Ironwood Releases Giga-snaP BGA Socket Adapter

Eagan, MN — Ironwood Electronics has released its latest high-performance socket, SFS-BGA200B-52, which allows 0.65mm (0.026in) pitch, 11 x 14.5mm (0.43 x 0.57in) body, 12 x 22 array, 200-ball BGA packages to be placed and operated without compromising performance in high-speed applications. ...

MC Assembly Expands Manufacturing in Massachusetts

Melbourne, FL — MC Assembly, a mid-tier EMS provider, is expanding its manufacturing services in Billerica, Massachusetts. The new 58,000 square foot facility furthers the company's presence in the Northeast and nearly doubles its Billerica manufacturing space. MC Assembly provides turnkey solutions to OEMs ...

Mid-America Taping and Reeling Offers Trays in Days

Glendale Heights, IL — Mid-America Taping and Reeling, a provider of component automation preparation services, is offering its "Trays in Days" program. The program allows customers to obtain one dozen custom-thermoformed trays for prototype components, connectors and other small components within ...

Mill-Max Expands Spring-Loaded Target Connector Lineup

Oyster Bay, NY — Mill-Max, a manufacturer of high-reliability and precision-machined interconnects, is expanding its selection of target connectors in both the 0.100 and 0.050in (2.54 and 1.27mm) grid families. Target connectors are used in place of SMT pads on a PCB as the mating surface for spring ...

OKW Intros Body-Case Wearable Enclosure

Bridgeville, PA — OKW Enclosures has introduced its Body-Case, the company's first fully-wearable, electronic enclosure. The wearable enclosure has been designed specifically to fit a standard 18mm (0.71in) wrist strap, which allows it to be worn like a watch. Each enclosure is supplied with two ...

OnFILTER Develops EMI Filter for Soldering Irons

Santa Cruz, CA — OnFILTER, a manufacturer of EMI management products, has developed an EMI filter for soldering irons that protects sensitive components from electrical overstress (EOS). The filter has been designed to provide noise-free AC power and ground to soldering irons and rework stations ...

Purex Intros New iFume Extractor

Schaumburg, IL — Purex has introduced its new iFume fume extractor. The machine has been redesigned and now delivers world-class intelligence, performance and other features.

Seika Intros Spiral Viscometer for Low Quantities

Torrance, CA — Seika Machinery, a provider of machinery, materials and engineering services, has introduced its Malcom PCU-02V spiral viscometer. The machine has been designed to test and analyze expensive materials by obtaining viscosity characteristics from a 0.2cc sample.
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