Thursday, May 26, 2016
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BTU and ECD to Develop Recipe Prediction Tool

North Billerica, MA — BTU International, a supplier of thermal processing equipment, has partnered with thermal measurement company ECD to combine its recipe generator with BTU's Wincon furnace operating system. The recipe generator is currently available through the company's M.O.L.E series of thermal profiling ...

CAMI Research Intros Daughter Board for CableEye

Acton, MA — CAMI Research has introduced a daughter board for its CableEye and harness testing systems. Populated with mini HDMI and mini Display Port connectors, the board has been designed for the computer video market. Due to its flexible voltage range, the CB26T may be used on all CableEye models ...

Cirtronics Refocuses on Lean Manufacturing

Milford, NH — Cirtronics, a New-England based manufacturer of electronics and electro-mechanical assemblies, is refocusing on lean manufacturing. This includes engaging in foundational training for new hires, and renewal belt training for senior level staff.

Electric Top-Loading Oven from Grieve

Round Lake, IL — The Grieve Corporation has introduced a 260°C (500°F), electrically heated, top-loading oven for testing electronic components. No. 955 has a workspace of 790 x 60.7 x 60.7cm (312 x 24 x 24in). 70kW Nichrome wire elements are installed to heat the oven and 8000CFM of airflow ...

Everett Charles Expands VG Series of Interconnects

Singapore — Everett Charles Technologies has introduced a new VG interconnect block to meet the requirements of high-speed applications. It incorporates USB, HDMI and RJ45 connectors for use with off-the-shelf cabling.

FKN Systek Offers Depanelizer for LED Strips

Millis, MA — FKN Systek has introduced the K5000 manual and autoload multiple-blade depanelizer. The machine can singulate multiple pre-scored PCB panels in one pass. Panels up to 10.6in (27cm) can be separated.

GE Intros Module for Planar CT Scans

Wunstorf, Germany — GE Measurement and Control has introduced the planarCT module for the phoenix micromex and nanomex X-ray inspection systems. Due to the increasing complexity of electronic assemblies, it has become more difficult for inspectors to efficiently and accurately spot defects. ...

Hot and Cold Test Systems from Rehm

Blaubeuren-Seissen, Germany — Electronic components in applications such as medical, automotive and aerospace technology, where safety is a concern, must function reliably in extreme temperatures. To analyze the reliability of electronics when subjected to a variety of temperatures, Rehm Thermal ...

Ikonics Releases MicroCap Capillary Film

Duluth, MN — Ikonics Corporation has introduced the Alpha MicroCap, a capillary film, to the company's Chromaline screen print products division. The capillary film is the latest addition to the company's growing portfolio of high-resolution products for industrial and printed electronics applications ...

Instec EMI Filter Approved for Space Program

Gowanda, NY — Instec, a designer and manufacturer of electromagnetic and radio frequency interference filters, has up-screened an EMI feed-through filter to meet the US Department of Defense specification MIL-PRF-28861.

Kester Launches Solder Paste

Itasca, IL — Kester, a global supplier of assembly materials for the electronic and semiconductor packaging industries, has launched its NP545 solder paste. The material is a halogen and lead-free, no-clean solder paste designed to be extremely stable and consistent.

Laser Marker from Simplimatic

Forest, VA — Simplimatic Automation has released the Cimtrak® Multi-Axis Laser Marker to provide companies with a quick and precise way to mark printed circuit boards and other assemblies. The system can be incorporated into a production line and can apply information such as bar codes, good or ...

Lectronics Installs Flexible Assembly Flow Line

Saline, MI — Saline Lectronics, a contract manufacturer, has recently installed a new assembly flow line. The line is set up in a configuration designed to be both lean and systematic.

Mill-Max Offers Top-Mount USB 3.1 Receptacle

Oyster Bay, NY — Mill-Max Mfg. has added the Top-Mount SuperSpeed Universal Serial Bus 3.1, Type C to its line of USB I/O sockets. The receptacle is two times faster than USB 3.0 and is more efficient with its power use.

Multitest: Flexible MEMS Test and Calibration Equipment

Rosenheim, Germany — Multitest, an Xcerra company, has created MEMS test equipment based on a modular design, which combines well-established handling equipment with state-of-the-art test and calibration modules.

Neoconix Intros USB 3.1 FPC Connector

San Jose, CA — Neoconix, a provider of high-performance connectors, has introduced its USB 3.1 X-Beam Bridge connector solution. As the newest member of the FPConnected family, some of its features include superior signal integrity, repairability and cost savings for mobile platforms. Incorporating ...

Physik Instrumente Intros Compact Rotary Stage

Auburn, MA — PI (Physik Instrumente), a specialist in nanopositioning systems, has added a piezo inertia drive rotary stage to its Q-Motion product line. The compact micropositioning drive is 32mm wide and 7mm high (1.26 x 0.28in), with a 30mm (1.18in) diameter, 360° turntable.

Rutronik: SD and Micro SD Cards from Swissbit

Ispringen, Germany — The new S-450 and S-450µ series SD and Micro SD memory cards from Swissbit are available from distributor Rutronik. The cards combine SLC flash components with a powerful system architecture and intelligent firmware.

Schleuniger: Wire Processing Equipment

Manchester, NH — Schleuniger, a manufacturer of high-precision wire processing machines, provides a comprehensive line of equipment including the EcoStrip 9380 cut and strip machine, the UniCrimp 100 crimping press, ShieldCut 8100, CoaxStrip 5200 and UniStrip 2300.

Siglent: Digital Oscilloscopes with Super Phosphors

Solon, OH — Siglent Technologies, a designer and manufacturer of oscilloscopes, has introduced a new line of digital oscilloscopes with Super Phosphor (SPO) technology. The SDS2000X is available in bandwidths of 70, 100, 200, and 300MHz, with real-time sample rates up to 2GSa/s. Most common functions ...
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