Tuesday, August 23, 2016
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Sono-Tek Intros Photoresist Ultrasonic Coating System

Milton, NY — Sono-Tek Corporation has introduced a new photoresist ultrasonic coating system, SPT200, which has been designed specifically to meet the special challenges of coating high aspect ratios and deep-well topographies, such as MEMS wafers with photoresist.

TeraView Launches Advanced IC Package Inspection System

Cambridge, UK — TeraView, a provider of terahertz technology and solutions, has introduced its fully-automatic integrated circuit (IC) package inspection system, the EOTPR 5000. Building on the success of the EOTPR 2000, which has an established track record in the industry for rapid fault isolation ...

ULT AG: Removal of Odors, Gases, and Vapors

Lobau, Germany — ULT AG, a vendor of high-efficiency industrial air filtration systems and dust collectors, recently released its ACD 1200 in various models to provide extraction and filtration for a wide range of applications. A variety of filtration packages is available for tasks such as bonding ...

Alpha Releases Latest Die Attach Solutions

Somerset, NJ — Alpha Assembly Solutions, a producer of electronic soldering and bonding materials, has released its latest Argomax®, Fortibond and Atrox products. The Argomax range of silver sinter products includes paste, film and preforms designed specially with highly-engineered silver ...

APEM Intros High-Security Emergency Stop Switch

Vista, CA — The new A02ES-H is APEM's latest addition to an expanding line of industrial emergency stop switches. The A02ES-H includes an automatic disconnect from the power supply in case of operator damage or switch block separation. This exclusive built-in safety feature reduces the risk of accident ...

Count On Tools: MYDATA Agilis Feeder Repair Set

Gainesville, GA — Count On Tools, a provider of precision components and SMT spare parts, has introduced its new MYDATA Agilis feeder repair set. The kit allows customers to convert Agilis feeders to any of the four sizes in order to reduce overall feeder count and maximize production.

Dymax Intros Multi-Cure® Black Conformal Coating

Torrington, CT — Dymax Corporation has released its newest conformal coating — Multi-Cure® 9451. The "true" black, single-component, 100 percent solids, light- and heat-curable conformal coating is designed to enhance security on PCBs. In addition to its ability to improve circuit reliability ...

EPE Corporation Acquires Agilent X-Ray System

Manchester, NH — EPE Corporation, a high-reliability EMS provider, has recently purchased an Agilent series 5000 5DX X-ray system. The system is was acquired to provide complete and efficient X-ray coverage for the company's high-volume customers.

Epoxies' Silicone Dielectric Gels Protect Electronics

Cranston, RI — Many electronic assemblies and delicate components need soft encapsulating materials to protect them. Epoxies has introduced a series of clear silicone gels that are designed to seal and protect electronics from vibration, mechanical stress and shock. They can also be used to isolate ...

Eraser Introduces Heavy-Duty Wire Stripper

Syracuse, NY — The Eraser Company, a manufacturer of wire and cable processing equipment, has introduced its Model E200, a heavy-duty wire stripper. The wire stripper is designed for production line stripping of large magnet-, enamel- and film-insulated wire.

Firstronic Installs IBL Inline Vapor Phase Reflow System

Burnsville, MN — IBL Technologies has sold a third CX Model in-line vapor phase reflow system to Firstronic, a contract manufacturer with headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The company made the purchase in anticipation of several new product ramp-ups planned for this year.

Fujipoly Intros Thermal Interface Material

Carteret, NJ —Fujipoly® has introduced a new line of high-performance, glass-fabric reinforced thermal interface materials. Sarcon® GAR thin films deliver a high thermal conductivity (3.0 W/m°K) while exhibiting a thermal resistance as low as 0.17°Cin2/W.

Grieve Releases 500°F Electric Walk-In Oven

Round Lake, IL — Grieve Corporation has introduced its No. 826, a 500°F (260°C) electric walk-in oven, currently in use for curing truckloads of industrial fuses at a customer's facility. The unit is a modified version of the company's standard WRH566-500 walk-in oven.

Hakko Releases Hot Air Rework Station

Valencia, CA — American Hakko Products has released its new FR-810B hot air rework station, which the company hopes will set a new standard for convective rework. The new, compact and lightweight design (3.3 lb.) contains a quiet turbine air supply capable of delivering up to 115 L/min. Its heating ...

Indium's Recycling Program Enriches ROI

Clinton, NY — Indium Corporation's indium metal and indium alloy reclaim and recycle program is earning customers enhanced returns on used materials. Indium is used extensively in thermal management, low temperature soldering and sealing applications. In many instances, the indium is not fully consumed ...

Microprecision Adds M12 Connector for Switch Series

Vouvry, Switzerland — Microprecision Electronics SA is extending the possibilities of its MP700 series of sealed limit switches in order to facilitate the connection of limit switches as sensing devices to industrial bus systems. The switches are now available with an M12 connector integrated directly ...

Microscan Unveils Small Autofocus Smart Camera Platform

Renton, WA — Microscan, a provider of machine vision solutions, has introduced what it calls "the world's smallest smart camera platform." The company has recently been focused on developing single, compact platforms that can be used in a variety of machine vision applications.

NanoFocus: Inspection System for Semiconductor Industry

McMinnville, OR — NanoFocus, a developer and manufacturer of optical 3D surface measuring technology, has introduced its measuring system, µsprint hp-opc 3000, for the optical inspection of probe cards. The machine is designed specifically for the requirements of wafer test locations with a variety ...

NEO Tech Offers High-Rel Substrate and Microelectronic Assembly

Chatsworth, CA — NEO Tech, a provider of manufacturing technology and supply chain solutions for OEMs, offers a variety of high-reliability substrate and microelectronic assembly capabilities. The company provides quality, low-temperature, co-fired ceramic (LTCC) and high-temperature, co-fired substrates ...

Optilia Offers Built-In Laser Pointer for Inspection Systems

Sollentuna, Sweden — Optilia Instruments has added integrated laser pointers to its economical M series of inspection systems. Though the company has always included integral laser pointers as a standard feature of the high-end W series, due to customer demand, the optional feature is now available ...
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