Sunday, August 28, 2016
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Dazor Intros Digital Magnification System

St. Louis, MO — Dazor, a manufacturer of task lights and lighted magnifiers, has released its latest digital benchtop magnification system, CODA. The streamlined and easy-to-use system has been designed to provide magnification during production, for quality control and for many other inspection ...

EasyBraid Offers PBT Mini SWASH

Minneapolis, MN — EasyBraid, the exclusive North American distributor of PBT cleaning systems, Purex fume extraction systems, ALeader AOI, and SEC X-ray Inspection machines, now offers the PBT Mini SWASH. The Mini SWASH is the updated and improved replacement for the StencilClean SIA stencil cleaner ...

Epoxies Develops One-Component Epoxy

Cranston, RI — The mixing and proportioning of two-component epoxy systems is time-consuming and prone to processing errors. The 20-3213 is a one-component heat cure system designed for electronic applications that require excellent dielectric properties. This new epoxy makes weighing and mixing ...

Eunil Presents High Accuracy Table Coating Machine

Chula Vista, CA — Eunil, a manufacturer of automated peripheral SMT equipment, has released its ECM-350 Table Coating Master, a highly-accurate off-line machine for small-quantity batch production. As PCBs are the foundation for electronics in products for automotive, consumer electronics, communications ...

Fancort Industries Offers Robotic Dispensing Systems

West Caldwell, NJ — Fancort Industries offers a wide variety of highly-engineered robotic dis-pensing solutions. The company's valves and controllers are manufactured in the U.S. and are combined with state-of-the-art Janome robots to provide high-reliability systems.

Glenbrook Intros Cath-X Micro-Fluoroscopic X-ray System

Randolph, NJ — Glenbrook Technologies, a manufacturer of X-ray inspection systems, has introduced its latest system, the Cath-X. The Cath-X is a high-resolution, micro-fluoroscopic X-ray inspection system designed specifically for the inspection of very fine biopsy needles and catheters.

Hammond Intros Miniature Enclosures for USB Interconnects

Cheektowaga, NY — When USB 3.0 was introduced, offering theoretical data signaling rates of 5 Gbits/s compared with the 480 Mbits/s available from USB 2.0, the protocol became significantly more useful across a variety of applications. The latest standard to be published, USB 3.1, further increases ...

Hardy: Integrated Panel Systems in Type 4 or 4X Enclosures

San Diego, CA — Hardy Process Solutions has expanded its product offering by providing new integrated panel systems in type 4 or 4X enclosures. The panel systems are designed to accommodate instrumentation and peripherals, such as buttons, switches, relays, and summing cards.

Henkel Intros Latest Thermal Interface Material

Irvine, CA — Henkel has developed and launched the latest product in its line of GAP PAD thermal interface materials (TIM). The new GAP PAD HC 5.0 is designed to manage the heat generated by today's reduced form factor, high power density components.

IPTE Adds Pass/Fail Indication to TopRouter

Alpharetta, GA — IPTE, a worldwide supplier of automated production equipment for the electronics and mechanics industry, has added manual pass/fail separation to its TopRouter depanaling process. Once equipped with the additional indicator, during depaneling the pass/fail indicator will highlight ...

JTAG Launches Adapters for DIMM and SODIMM Sockets

Easton, MD — JTAG Technologies, a specialist in board (PCBA) test solutions based on JTAG and IEEE 1149.x standards, has launched a new family of hardware adapters specifically designed for testing of a variety of DIMM and SODIMM sockets (sizes and styles) using a JTAG/boundary-scan controller and ...

KOA Speer Expands Molded Current Sense Resistor Line

Bradford, PA — KOA Speer Electronics has introduced its new SLN5 molded current sense resistor, which has a 7W power rating in 4527 size. The SLN5 offers a terminal port temperature of 70°C (158°F). The device is a molded resin resistor designed for current detection and provides dimension accuracy ...

Kolb Cleaning Develops Concentrated Detergent

Longmont, CO — Kolb Cleaning Technology USA has developed a new concentrated cleaning detergent, MultiEx® VRSP-CN. The cleaning detergent is an aqueous, alkaline broadband, multifunctional detergent that is well-suited for multiple cleaning tasks including PCBs, stencils, solder carriers and frames ...

Mentor Valor® Software Offered for Universal Fuzion® Platforms

Wilsonville, OR — Mentor Graphics Corporation's Valor® production plan tool is now offered by Universal Instruments to users of its Fuzion® SMT placement platform. The Valor production plan tool helps users to optimize their manufacturing planning parameters and to take advantage of the machine's increased ...

MVP Launches Lead Frame AOI System

Carlsbad, CA — Machine Vision Products, a manufacturer of imaging technologies for surface mount, microelectronics and packaging processes, has launched its MVP 2020 DWMS lead frame inspection system. The AOI system can be configured for cleanrooms up to Class 100. The 2020 includes the company's ...

Rocket EMS Purchases Fortus 3D Production System

Santa Clara, CA — Rocket EMS, a Silicon Valley-based EMS provider, has purchased a Fortus® 3D production system from Stratasys® in order to increase its service offerings and reduce tooling costs. The 3D printer will be used by the company to prototype design parts and create them faster and ...

Schleuniger Offers Entry-Level Cut-and-Strip Machine

Manchester, NH — Schleuniger, a manufacturer of wire processing equipment, has introduced its latest wire cut-and-strip system — the EcoStrip 9380 — a machine that has been designed for a variety of entry-level wire processing applications.

Seika Intros Automatic Wetting Balance Tester

Torrance, CA — Seika Machinery, a provider of advanced machinery, materials and engineering services, has introduced its Malcom SWB-2 automatic wetting balance tester. The automated tester has been designed to measure the wetting force of through-hole components using wave solder.

Shenmao Intros BGA and Micro BGA Solder Spheres

San Jose, CA — Shenmao, a worldwide solder materials producer, has introduced a line of BGA and micro BGA solder spheres. The solder spheres are made for PBGA, CBGA, CSP, and flip chip assemblies by ultra-micron technology (UMT) out of highly-pure metals. The alloy compositions are created by using ...

SMT Maschinen: Energy Consumption Module for Reflow Systems

Wertheim, Germany — SMT Maschinen und Vertriebs, a German manufacturer of SMT equipment, has introduced an energy consumption module for its reflow soldering systems. The module allows the user to view energy consumption of a system easily at various stages of the process.
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