Friday, May 26, 2017
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ABB Launches Cloud-Based Energy Management System

Houston, TX — ABB has launched a cloud-based energy management system, ABB Ability, which brings remote supervision and diagnostics to the U.S. market. The system connects a facility's electrical equipment to the Internet of Things (IoT) and uses the company's circuit breakers' built-in sensing ...
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ATEC Offers EM Test ESD Simulator

San Diego, CA — Advanced Test Equipment Rentals (ATEC) has upgraded its ESD equipment lineup by offering the ESD NX30 electrostatic discharge simulator from EM Test. The company is offering the NX30 for both short- and long-term rentals.
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Aven Intros E-Arm Focus Mount with LEDs

Ann Arbor, MI — Aven has introduced its E-Arm focus mount with an integrated LED ring light and independent brightness controller. Designed for ease of use during inspection, the eco-friendly 60-LED ring light provides shadow-free illumination, and the variable light control adds flexibility. ...
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Cicoil Intros Flexible Flat Power Cables

Valencia, CA — For power cord applications that require resistance to kinking, fatigue and fraying, Cicoil has developed a line of mechanically-tough and flexible cables. The Hi-Flex series cables are easy to handle and do not require bulky insulating materials and fillers, resulting in a more lightweight ...
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Cirexx Installs Direct Imaging System from Technica

Santa Clara, CA — Cirexx International has purchased a second direct imaging (DI) unit from Technica USA. The equipment is the latest technology offered by Technica's supply partner, Chime Ball Technology (CBT). CBT has developed the production-proven LED technology to include multiple wavelength ...
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ClassOne Aims to Lower Cost of Electroplating

Kalispell, MT — ClassOne has launched an initiative that aims to reduce the costs of operation (CoO) of copper plating processes. The company aims to lower costs by reducing chemical consumption, extending the life of consumables and equipment parts, increasing and optimizing throughput, and enhancing ...
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Creative Materials Intros Conductive Inks and Adhesives

Ayer, MA — Creative Materials has introduced a line of conductive inks and adhesives designed for use with aerosol jet processing equipment, such as the Optomec® aerosol jet system. Benefits of the system include non-contact printing, fine lines down to 100 µm, rapid prototyping, and continuous ...
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Dow Corning Develops UV Optical Bonding Material

Midland, MI — Dow Corning has unveiled a UV-curable optical bonding material designed to enhance the reliability and performance of automotive displays. VE-6001 was developed to deliver higher thermal stability than organic materials, and its one-part silicone chemistry makes it easy to process. ...
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Dymax Releases Low-Viscosity Conformal Coating

Torrington, CT — Dymax has introduced its Multi-Cure® 9482-FC, a conformal coating developed as an alternative to thin, solvent-based conformal coatings. With a viscosity of 20 cP, the 100 percent solids material provides a thin coating that is more environmentally-friendly than solvent-based products ...
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EMS Intros Conductive Adhesives for Solar Modules

Delaware, OH — Engineered Materials Systems (EMS) has introduced its CA-150 series of snap-cure, low-cost conductive adhesives. The adhesives are designed to string and shingle crystalline silicon and heterojunction solar modules.
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Epec Adds Expedited Ordering to Customer Portal

New Bedford, MA — Epec Engineered Technologies has updated its recently-released, web-based customer portal by adding an order expediting feature. The company implemented the feature to allow customers to change the delivery schedules of their orders, in addition to seeing the status of placed orders. Since ...
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Epoxies, Etc. Intros Thermally Conductive Potting Compound

Cranston, RI — Epoxies, Etc. has introduced its 50-2369 flame retardant, thermally conductive polyurethane potting compound. The compound is formulated to dissipate heat away from electronic components and to provide protection for devices in harsh environments.
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ETEL Offers Entry-Level Rotary Module

Schaumburg, IL — Motion systems control manufacturer ETEL, exclusively distributed in North America by HEIDENHAIN Corporation, has introduced its DXR+ direct drive rotary module. The DXR+ is available as a standalone, entry-level rotary module. The rotary module has been designed to be compact, lightweight ...
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FlexLink Launches High-Speed Laser Marker

Allentown, PA — FlexLink has launched its GENIUS 1-LD, a high-speed laser marker that incorporates a dual-laser head along with multiple cameras to reduce cycle time. PCBs are positioned vertically inside the module, allowing the two laser heads to mark both sides of each board simultaneously. The ...
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Fujipoly Intros Elastomeric Display Connector

Carteret, NJ — The Zebra® 1002 carbon connectors from Fujipoly® are designed to offer electronic device manufacturers an affordable and reliable option for connecting PCBs to a variety of LCD screens.
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Imagineering Releases AS9100 PCB Buyer's Guide

Elk Grove Village, IL — Imagineering has released a new ebook entitled "The Printed Circuit Buyer's Guide to…AS9100 Certification." Written by Imagineering CEO Khurrum Dhanji, the ebook is the first book in an ongoing series of micro ebooks specifically dedicated to educating the PCB design, fabrication and ...
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MacDermid Develops Electroless Copper Metallization Process

Waterbury, CT — MacDermid Enthone Electronics Solutions has released its M-Copper EF process, a premium-quality electroless copper metallization process. With its low cost of ownership, the M-Copper EF addresses high-volume, low-cost electroless copper applications. The metallization process is designed to ...
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Mecal by Starn Now Preferred Samtec Partner

Meadville, PA — Mecal by Starn has been selected as the preferred partner supplier and partner for all Samtec terminal applicators. The company will build and support applicators to run all terminals made by Samtec, Inc., a global manufacturer of electronic interconnect solutions. The geometry of ...
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Meggitt Troubleshoots with Handheld Transducer Simulator

Irvine, CA — Meggitt Sensing Systems has launched its Endevco 4830B handheld transducer simulator. The device is designed to aid in the troubleshooting and calibration of test systems. The portable, battery-operated signal generator can be used to verify system setups before running expensive vibration ...
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Microscan Upgrades Online Barcode Generator

Renton, WA — Microscan has upgraded its free, online barcode generator, which is a tool that allows users to create, save and e-mail custom barcodes. From linear to stacked and 2D symbols, 28 different barcode types are now available on the company's website. While not intended as a professional ...
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