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Lean Manufacturing: Lectronics Completes "Do" Stage

Saline Lectronics is being transformed into a lean organization in which continuous improvements help enhance customer satisfaction, safety, quality, delivery, and profit. As detailed in previous articles, the firm is engaged in a Lean Implementation effort to restructure and revitalize ...

Who innovates manufacturing?

The manufacturing world has been turned on its head by the outsourcing industry, and in many ways for the better, but what about the impact this trend has had on innovation in the manufacturing process?

Changing CAEs Led to Major Workflow Improvements

Today's manufacturers rely heavily on computer-aided-design (CAD) tools to achieve success on the production floor. Not only can such tools make engineers more productive, but they can help with production workflows and make an entire electronic manufacturing facility more effective ...

Ethernet Industrial I/O Simplifies Wave Solder Machine Control

Speedline Technologies, Inc.® is a developer and provider of capital equipment for electronics manufacturing, used in printed-circuit-board (PCB) assembly facilities around the world. Collaborating closely with Electrovert®, Speedline's Missouri-based business unit specializing ...

Europlacer Helps CEM Improve Efficiency, Quality, and Capacity

Founded in 1992, Colonial Electronic Manufacturers, Inc. (CEM) is based in Nashua, NH and focuses on providing a comprehensive list of traditional and nontraditional manufacturing services to the electronics industry. Services include through-hole assembly and soldering, surface-mount ...

Stiamo communicando? Are we communicating?

Does it sometimes feel like some people are talking a completely different language? I don't mean English and Italian, I mean that communication between different generations, or people from different regions in the same country, or even completely different industries.

Commitment to Quality, Technology, Service at IEC

IEC Electronics Corp. is a premier provider of electronics manufacturing services (EMS) to advanced technology companies primarily in the military/aerospace, medical, and industrial sectors. The company is headquartered in Newark, NY and has operations in Rochester, NY, Albuquerque ...

Considerations in Building PCBA Functional Test Systems, Part 2

Last month, in Part 1, we reviewed some of the difficulties in developing test systems and methods for testing printed-circuit-board assemblies (PCBAs) because of limited access points (see U.S. Tech, May 2015, p. 49). But open test standards such as PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation ...

Could "Industry 4.0" be "Made in China 4.0"?

There's no doubt that Industry 4.0 has been top of the agenda for the electronics manufacturing industry in Germany for a couple of years now. Elsewhere less so, but now the debate around this topic seems to be gaining momentum in China and with the launch of their own "Made in ...

Dynalab: Winning Big in Today's Assembly Industry

Headquartered in the Columbus, Ohio area, Dynalab Inc. is a design and manufacturing organization serving the electronics industry. Since 1981, it has built many long-term partnerships with Fortune 500 companies by providing outstanding engineering and manufacturing support. As a full ...

Europlacer Helps 125-Year-Old Company

Since 1889, Star Headlight & Lantern Co., Inc. ( has been the leader in emergency vehicle safety lighting products. These products have included Star Amber warning lighting systems, Star Signal Vehicle Products, red and blue police vehicle lighting, light bars, backup ...

Fundamentals of SPI Closed-Loop Solutions

In the production of printed-circuit boards (PCBs) and PCB assemblies (PCBAs), solder paste inspection (SPI) is one of the more critical quality control (QC) measures used to enhance production-line efficiency and effectiveness. SPI helps minimize production losses by identifying solder ...

Javad EMS Benefits from Advanced 3D Inspection System

Located in the heart of California's Silicon Valley, in San Jose, Javad EMS serves a wide range of customers with needs for high-complexity products and low-to-medium-volume production requirements. In January 2011, the firm purchased its first three-dimensional (3D) in-line advanced ...

Saline Lectronics Case Study - Stage I: Lean Plan

Setting up for lean production on Pilot Line 2.

Saline Lectronics ( is undergoing a company-wide lean transformation, as detailed in the previous issue of US-Tech. The objective of the program is to develop a lean, learning environment that focuses all employees on continuously improving customer satisfaction,

Building PCBA Functional Test Systems, Part 1 of 2 Parts

Printed-circuit-board (PCB) test has evolved a great deal since PCB assemblies (PCBAs) were fabricated by means of through-hole integrated-circuit (IC) technologies, and when trace-and-pin spacings were 100 mils and the largest components were typically in housings with 14 pins. ...

Cirexx: Strong Sailing for 35 Years

Silicon Valley in northern California has been a virtual stormy sea of technology companies for decades, with companies emerging and disappearing regularly. But one company has grown and prospered steadily since 1980: Cirexx International of Santa Clara, CA. Known for its interconnection ...

The Benefits of Soldering With Vacuum Profiles, Part 2

The benefits of soldering electronic components in a vacuum were presented in the previous installment of this article which appeared in the March 2015 issue of U.S. Tech.. Soldering in a vacuum can minimize aperture variations and the number of voids in bottom-terminated components ...

Why Embrace IoM and Big Data?

You're probably bored with all the big-data and Internet of Things talk. You might even be bored with me harping about IoM or Internet of Manufacturing. So if you're one of the people whose eyes glaze over every time these terms come up, then this column is for you. In short, ...

Advanced Technologies Help Attain "Pinnacle" of Medical Training Excellence

In business for almost 20 years, and with headquarters in Michigan for nine years, Pinnacle Technology Group, Inc. has been serving customers in the medical training market as well as a variety of other industrial and commercial markets with the goal of providing the highest-quality ...

ASM Adds Insights at APEX

San Diego, CA — ASM showed real insight and the value of a deep understanding of the electronics supply chain during four podium discussions at APEX 2015 in the last week of February in San Diego.

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