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Saline Lectronics Case Study - Stage I: Lean Plan

Setting up for lean production on Pilot Line 2.

Saline Lectronics (www.lectronics.net) is undergoing a company-wide lean transformation, as detailed in the previous issue of US-Tech. The objective of the program is to develop a lean, learning environment that focuses all employees on continuously improving customer satisfaction,

Building PCBA Functional Test Systems, Part 1 of 2 Parts

Printed-circuit-board (PCB) test has evolved a great deal since PCB assemblies (PCBAs) were fabricated by means of through-hole integrated-circuit (IC) technologies, and when trace-and-pin spacings were 100 mils and the largest components were typically in housings with 14 pins. ...

Cirexx: Strong Sailing for 35 Years

Silicon Valley in northern California has been a virtual stormy sea of technology companies for decades, with companies emerging and disappearing regularly. But one company has grown and prospered steadily since 1980: Cirexx International of Santa Clara, CA. Known for its interconnection ...

The Benefits of Soldering With Vacuum Profiles, Part 2

The benefits of soldering electronic components in a vacuum were presented in the previous installment of this article which appeared in the March 2015 issue of U.S. Tech.. Soldering in a vacuum can minimize aperture variations and the number of voids in bottom-terminated components ...

Why Embrace IoM and Big Data?

You're probably bored with all the big-data and Internet of Things talk. You might even be bored with me harping about IoM or Internet of Manufacturing. So if you're one of the people whose eyes glaze over every time these terms come up, then this column is for you. In short, ...

Advanced Technologies Help Attain "Pinnacle" of Medical Training Excellence

In business for almost 20 years, and with headquarters in Michigan for nine years, Pinnacle Technology Group, Inc. has been serving customers in the medical training market as well as a variety of other industrial and commercial markets with the goal of providing the highest-quality ...

ASM Adds Insights at APEX

San Diego, CA — ASM showed real insight and the value of a deep understanding of the electronics supply chain during four podium discussions at APEX 2015 in the last week of February in San Diego.

Blurred and Disrupted

There was a time, not so long ago, where we knew what each industry did. The automotive industry made cars, the apparel industry made clothes and the electronics industry made electronics. Now everything is a little less clear.

Gables Engineering Flies High With Help from Kurtz Ersa North America

Founded in 1946, Gables Engineering, Inc. remains an industry leader in custom avionics controls and related products. The company's engineers maintain a sharp focus on all aspects of control panel technology, in its current state and as it continues to evolve. Gables Engineering operates ...

Garcia Group Safely Drives Growth of Roofing Business

Distracted driving is an increasingly deadly problem on our nation's roads and highways. The National Safety Council estimates that at least 24 percent of all traffic crashes, or 1.3 million accidents per year, involve drivers using cellular telephones and/or performing texting. These ...

Keeping Ahead With Forward-Looking Manufacturing Decisions

JAVAD Electronic Manufacturing Services (JEMS) was founded four years ago, during an economic downturn, with the belief that investments in manufacturing equipment were necessary to keep pace with customers' requirements. Even though used equipment was available at low prices, the company ...

Measuring Three Levels of Process Control in Thermal Profiling

Maintaining process control within tightly defined limits is an important part of achieving high product quality in today's electronic manufacturing facilities. The pressures to deliver products in shorter development cycles and with increased capacities pose significant challenges ...

Man Versus Machine

The question is still unanswered: In the man-vs-machine competition, who will be the ultimate winner? Machines and automation continue to advance, and to take over more functions once performed by men and women. A prime example is today's automobile, which includes many mechanical and ...

One-Stop Turnkey PCB Fabrication and Assembly: Rush PCB's Unique Approach

In today's world of electronics contract manufacturing, the speed of fabricating PCBs and electronic assemblies is an important factor, along with price, in maintaining a competitive edge. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) look to PCB fabrication and assembly shops for fast turnaround ...

Pick Up the Pace of Production with Customized Timers

Every second counts in electronic production and assembly lines, and intelligent use of the available time is critical to most manufacturers. Finding ways to achieve more with existing resources often requires more than just exhortations from management. Often, it means putting employees "on the clock ...

Samsung Sells SMT Shares for Win-Win

Samsung Techwin has been developing advanced technology since 1989 for electronic and mechanical design, process and production. The key component has always been high speed and accuracy, leveraging the technical expertise gained while developing and producing jet engines, industrial robots, semiconductor ...

Self-Locking Micro Threaded Inserts Improve Electronic Performance

Electronic assembly performance can now be improved in smaller designs, thanks to the availability of self-locking micro-threaded inserts that are designed to withstand vibration, shock, and heat. The new, smaller, self-locking Spiralock® internal thread form design from Stanley Engineering ...

Solder Ball Replacement Kit Eases PCB Global Rework

Component miniaturization poses many challenges for global printed-circuit-board (PCB) rework, especially with tiny 0201 and 01005 chips. While a number of solutions have been developed for removing these small chips from PCBs, replacing them is no simple matter. Firms are often faced ...

What constitutes IoM? And why we need it

What is the Internet of Manufacturing (IoM) and why should we care about it?

Why Manufacturers are Overpaying for Electromechanical Assemblies

For original-equipment manufacturers (OEMs) producing and inventorying electromechanical assemblies, wire harnesses, cable assemblies, or even box-builds in-house, trying to control and hold onto every aspect of production can be a costly mistake. Intended in-house tasks may lie outside
of an OEM's core competencies, or may be too costly or cumbersome for that OEM. They may be performed as a low-margin activity that can consume precious resources with little benefit to the OEM. As an alternative approach, strategic domestic outsourcing can cut costs, improve product quality, and even help speed the delivery of a product. Any benefits of performing all the work in-house must be measured against the costs: higher facility overhead, including additional required inventory, manufacturing space, equipment, trained labor, as well as engineering and purchasing resources.
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