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Publication Date: 05/1/2008
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China Trade Shows: Busier than Ever
Jacob Fattal, Publisher
China has become such a crucial part of the global electronics industry that trade shows held there have become fully as important as trade shows in the U.S. and Europe. Since U.S. Tech now has an ongoing program, we felt it was important to be there for Nepcon Shanghai, and we were not disappointed.

High on the list of products was SMT production equipment followed closely by a wide array of test hardware. Many exhibitors were U.S. companies, and while the booths were mostly staffed by local Chinese representatives, many American company officials were there, coming straight (as we did) from the just-ended highly successful APEX Show in Las Vegas.

And U.S. Tech will be back in China in a few more months, exhibiting at NEPCON South China in Shenzhen, China's principal electronics manufacturing center. The show is billed as the largest and most complete trade event for South China's SMT industry, providing a platform for trade visitors to find new suppliers, gather market information and learn about the latest technologies. Judging from the two recent trade shows that we have seen — APEX and NEPCON Shanghai — there seems to be little if any slowdown in the electronics manufacturing industry. Both shows were crowded and busy, with a lot of happy exhibitors.

To be sure, many companies are cutting back, trimming expansion plans and holding off on new ventures, but for all of these "careful" companies, there are others jumping into the mix, viewing their overly cautious competitors as "giving the market away." This may well be true; expansion and driving for new business can be especially fruitful during low business cycles. And as long as the dollar is so weak, this is the absolutely best time to go after new business overseas.  

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