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Publication Date: 05/1/2008
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Microwave Spectrum Analyzer from Rohde & Schwarz
Spectrum analyzer.
Columbia, MD — Rohde & Schwarz has expanded its spectrum analyzer offerings with the addition of the new portable FSL18 to meet the increasing demand for compact instruments in applications such as the installation and maintenance of WiMAX networks. For the entry-level class,its combination of wide frequency range and large I/Q demodulation bandwidth (28 MHz) is unusual.

With a frequency range of 9kHz to 18GHz, the instrument can perform measurements on microwave systems, including radar and microwave link systems as well as production tests on microwave components such as mixers and amplifiers. Due to its large I/Q demodulation bandwidth and the extensive software capabilities of the FSL family, the new spectrum analyzer is the only instrument in its class to support the WLAN, WiMAX and WCDMA standards.

The instrument's low weight (<8 kg) and DC/battery operation also make it suitable for mobile use in the field when no AC supply is available. Transmitter measurements for civil and military applications ranging from WiMAX and Satcom up to radar can be performed easily. When equipped with the company's FSL-K9 option, the FSL supports the direct connection of power sensors from the company's NRP family. This increases the accuracy of the measurements and eliminates the need for an extra power meter. An overall measurement uncertainty of <1.2dB at 18GHz ensures precise results, even in the microwave range. In addition, the instrument's resolution bandwidths (RBW) from 1Hz to 10MHz (20MHz at zero span) provide high flexibility for analyzing pulse signals in both the frequency and time domains.

For production applications, the instrument is a cost-efficient solution with a wide range of functions. Its measurement speed of 80 sweeps/s in the zero span (including all data transfers) ensures high throughput. The frequency list mode allows engineers and technicians to perform measurements with up to 300 analyzer settings using a single remote-control command. Moreover, the spectrum analyzer provides power measurements with channel filters in the time domain and a fast frequency counter with a resolution of 0.1Hz at a measurement time of less than 50ms.

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