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Publication Date: 05/1/2008
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QA Technology Adds New Connectors
Polycarbonate plugs and receptacles.
Hampton, NH — QA Technology has expanded its integraMate hyperboloid contact and connector product family with the addition of 01.5mm size contacts and a 3-pin power connector. The new 1.5mm size has a current rating in excess of 12 amps and incorporates a 12-wire hyperboloid cage. The new D-Series circular connectors incorporate high-density hyperboloid contacts.

The core technology is an unusual hyperboloid wire cage contact design that offers a low mating force, high cycle life and superior resistance to shock and vibration. The contacts also have an inherently smaller diameter than traditional hyperboloid contacts which means that they can be used when better electrical ratings or higher densities are desirable in a connector.

The plug and receptacle housings are molded from durable impact resistant polycarbonate. The cable-mounted plug has a sturdy push button latch; the receptacle is mounted on the instrument panel. Cable clamps and bend reliefs for the plugs are available to suit a range of cable diameters.

Three patterns with 0.6mm contacts are currently available in the integraMate D-Series family: 7, 9 and 14 contacts. A new 3-position plug and receptacle with 1.5mm contacts are now available for power applications. The pins and sockets are easily removable from the housings, and both contact sizes are available with crimp or solder terminations.

Applications include medical and dental equipment, scientific instruments, military and aerospace — where dependability and durability are essential.

Contact: QA Technology Co., Inc., 110 Towle Farm Rd., Hampton, NH 03842 603-926-1193 fax: 603-926-8701 Web: or http://www.integramate

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