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Publication Date: 05/1/2008
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Custom Connector Designs from Autosplice
Custom-designed connectors on FR-4.
San Diego, CA — Autosplice is offering a full range of design capabilities and hands-on applications experience for creating custom FR4-based connector designs. The connectors reportedly cab optimize the flexibility needed for meeting specific application requirements. It can maximize reliability and cut overall costs and lead time of product introduction and production ramp-up.

FR4 is an industry-standard glass-filled material that can be used for high-temperature applications. Making connector headers with this material has numerous advantages. Instead of designing special moldings (and incurring the associated tooling costs and lead time) for each connector, the Autosplice approach makes use of standard FR4 as the dielectric insulating material that holds the individual contacts.

A wide range of thicknesses of FR4 glass epoxy have already become standards in the PC board industry along with proven automated techniques for its precise cutting, drilling and perforation. FR4 is readily available and its wide acceptance and usage has already driven its cost to very acceptable levels.

The company's high-speed automated terminal insertion equipment can be used to quickly, accurately and completely populate each sheet of connectors. Many different types of terminals or pins can be used in FR4 connector designs — including numerous styles of compliant terminals, bandolier pins, surface mount tabs, fuse receptacle terminals, quick disconnect and insulation displacement blade terminals, in addition to a large variety of round, square and rectangular style continuous reeled pins. The FR4 substrate can be any size or shape and the terminals that are inserted into the FR4 can be on any pitch or configuration.

While FR4 headers are suitable for prototyping and lower volume applications, in many situations, FR4 headers provide an excellent path for high-volume applications as well.

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