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Publication Date: 05/1/2008
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Marking System Plotter from Weidmuller
Richmond, VA — Weidmuller is introducing the new MCP Plus Plotter, the latest generation plotter to complement the company's expansive line of identification marking products using the cutting-edge MultiCard concept. The MCP Plus provides custom printing on the complete range of MultiCard tags and markers for terminal blocks, wires/cables and other electrical equipment — with virtually no wasted print material.

Easy and quick to operate, the compact and lightweight MCP Plus satisfies the needs of low-to-medium-volume users who wish to print smaller quantities of markers.

Typical printing systems often need up to 18 different frames, which makes these systems needlessly expensive and difficult to handle. With the MCP Plus, the special positioning frame can hold up to five card types at a time, which increases productivity by 25 percent. Thus, with just two frames, the MCP Plus can effortlessly print on more than 120 possible MultiCards. In addition, with the MCP-Label positioning frame, the plotter can easily transition from printing custom tags and markers to printing custom paper and polyester labels.

The system hooks up easily by parallel interface or USB to a PC or laptop, and comes standard with updated plotter controls via the newest version of Windows-based M-Print Pro software. This software helps to optimize the processes for marking electrical equipment by allowing users to design, print and order marking materials simply, professionally and quickly.

The unit has an automated pen activation function, including a depot that allows the storage of the plotter pens directly on the machine. Special sealing keeps the plotter pens from drying out.

Contact: Weidmuller, 821 Southlake Blvd., Richmond, VA 23236 804-794-2877 fax: 804-973-2593 Web:

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