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Publication Date: 05/1/2008
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Tyco Expands VPX Connector Family
Expanded VPX connector family.
Berwyn, PA — Tyco Electronics is expanding its MULTIGIG RT interconnect product family with new connector modules to accommodate fiber optics and dedicated power. Other modules, including coaxial contacts and high-voltage are also in development. The new modules enable users to achieve greater flexibility in creating high-performance embedded computing to address a very broad range of applications.

The new modules will give system designers increased flexibility. The optical modules, for example, accommodate the most popular optical interconnection schemes used in military and aerospace applications: Expanded Beam, LuxCis optical termini, and MT ferrules. The bandwidth and EMI immunity of fiber optic-based I/O has created demand for optical capabilities in VPX applications. The new connector is the high-performance interconnect system selected for VPX (VITA 46) applications, the next-generation platform beyond VME. Supporting data rates of >10Gb/s, the connectors are optimized for signal integrity, high density, and mechanical and environmental robustness.

The VPX standard was created to meet next-generation needs for high interconnection densities, high-speed operation, and new fabric-based serial switched architectures. Allowing both 3U and 6U configurations, VPX is designed to maximize I/O in a space-efficient fashion — offering a density of 113 contacts per-in. In a 6U system, the MULTIGIG RT connector provides up to 160 high-speed differential pairs, each running at 6.25Gb/s. The connector is also a key component within VITA 41 (VXS) and VITA 48.

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