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Publication Date: 05/1/2008
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EAO: Switches for Broadcasters and Studios
Silent pushbutton switches with indicators.
Milford, CT — EAO has introduced a range of compact switches useful for many applications within the entertainment and broadcast industry. Already in some of the world's top-end audio mixers, Series 95 pushbuttons are designed specifically for silent operation within studio, audio/video and broadcast applications. They are now available in three sizes (12.7mm2, 15.88mm2, and 19.05mm2.

The Series 95 is a multi-element switch, facilitating up to three functions to be performed by one compact pushbutton: normally illuminated in one color, press the button once and the color changes, then press again and it changes to a new color. The unique actuation provides a clear, positive indication of circuit transfer, making the pushbuttons suitable for showing the different operating status of equipment.

The brilliant, full-face illumination of the pushbuttons provides excellent visibility — even when viewed from the side — allowing users to see the switch's status at a glance. These switches can be used with a variety of LED colors and cap styles (concave/convex).

A combination of PC board mountability and short behind-panel depth enables the switches to be used in compact applications, providing a perfect solution for equipment used in space-challenged environments and small venues.

Contact: EAO Switch Corporation, 98 Washington St., Milford CT 06460 203-877-4577 fax: 203-877-3694 E-mail: Web:

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