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Publication Date: 05/1/2008
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Brady Intros Precise Label Applicator
Milwaukee, WI — Brady Corporation has introduced its PAM3600 Label Applicator, designed for smaller and rigorously precise label applications in manufacturing/electrical assembly and laboratory traceability. The company engineered the PAM Label Applicator specifically for the niche markets where labels must be very small and placed with exact precision to a variety of components, materials and equipment.

In particular, the applicator takes advantage of the company's patented dispensing technology that allows the label to be captured with a vacuum before it is dispensed.

The dispensing mechanism has a separate peel table actuation. This allows more control over the dispensing motion. In addition, the label applicator's patented technology and dispensing mechanism allows the user complete control over dispensing speed. The PAM3600 Applicator allows bar code validation after printing but before application of the label, to validate for correct information. Improvements to the machine also include: Zero Queue: print labels one at a time, if needed; overlapping cycles: improves efficiency by printing 2nd while the 1st is being applied; reduced overall cycle time to 2.5 seconds; 300 or 600 dpi print resolution; various communication interfaces available; alerts of upcoming change of material or ribbon.

Contact: Brady Corp., P.O.Box 571, Milwaukee, WI 53201-0571 800-541-1686 or 414-358-6600 fax: 800-292-2289 Web:

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