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Publication Date: 05/1/2008
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TopLine Intros Large Ionizer-Blower
Ionizer-blower for ESD protection.
Garden Grove, CA — TopLine has introduced a large ESD ionizer Model RS-30, which neutralizes any static electricity in the charged object by spraying air, which is ionized by AC high-voltage corona discharge. The ionized air is sprayed onto the charged object by a powerful blower, to avoid ESD discharge damage to discharge-sensitive components.

The large ionizer uses an automatic ion balancing system that is self-controlling within ±10V. It includes as extreme ion balance alarm which sounds if ionic imbalance exceeds the blower's regulating capacity.

A warning light flashes and a buzzer sounds if ion quantity drops due to dirty electrodes or a clogged air filter. The electrodes are reportedly easy-to-clean because of a removable front panel. Worn electrodes are easy to replace, since they use one-side pin connectors.

The unscented ionizing methodology is ozone-free, measuring less than 0.003ppm of ozone.

The ionizer-blower can be used for electrostatic damage prevention on electronics production and assembly lines; to prevent electrostatically-induced instrument error in computer rooms and precision measurement labs; to prevent dust from adhering to plastic parts; to safeguard against static electricity on high-speed printing lines.

The ionizer can also prevent dust build-up on optical instruments or precision devices, and can guard against static electricity during processing of materials such as fabrics.

Contact: TopLine, 7331-A Garden Grove Blvd., Garden Grove, CA 92841 800-776-9888 fax: 714-891-0321 E-mail: Web:

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