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Publication Date: 05/1/2008
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Seica: Double-Sided Flying Probe Tester
Double-sided flying probe tester.
Salem, NH — Seica Inc.'s Pilot V8 is the latest addition to the company's complete line of Flying Probe Test systems and represents a radical departure from traditional flying prober designs. The new flying prober represents an important

technological innovation in "double-side" flying probe test: its unique, vertical architecture enables high speed, high precision probing on both sides of the UUT simultaneously.

The new technology reportedly offers the maximum in test coverage and flexibility in a compact, extremely ergonomic package. Equipped with eight electrical flying test probes (four on each side), two Openfix capacitive and two power flying probes, plus two CCD cameras (1 on each side). The Pilot V8 has 14 mobile resources fully available to test the UUT, with a full range of in-circuit and functional test capabilities.

In addition, like the company's other flying probe solutions, the Pilot V8 can also implement a series of "net-oriented" measurement techniques, based on measurements executed on the board signal nets. These new test methods significantly cut the time required for in-circuit test by considerably lowering the number of measurements required, maintaining the same level of fault coverage and valuable diagnostic information.

The mobile power probes are another important innovation, which enable the power up of the UUT without requiring any additional fixed cables for easy implementation of functional test. The test system can also execute parallel tests on two UUTs at the same time, effectively doubling test capacity with respect to a 4-probe system.

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