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Publication Date: 05/1/2008
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OK Int'l Launches Dual Output Soldering/Rework System

Garden Grove, CA — OK International's new MFR-2200 Series Soldering and Rework System delivers a high power, flexible solution for production hand soldering, touch-up and SMD rework. Incorporating the renowned response and control of SmartHeat® Technology, the new system incorporates the ability ...Read More
Petroferm: Electronic Vapor Degreasing

Gurnee, IL — Petroferm Inc. Cleaning Products has introduced LENIUM® FEC, a replacement for hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), trichloroethylene (TCE), methylene chloride (MeCl), perchloroethylene (PCE) and n-propyl bromide (nPB) in open-top and vacuum vapor degreasing. The new compound is a highly stable ...Read More
Pinpoint Laser: Roll Alignment Kit

Newburyport, MA — Pinpoint Laser Systems has developed a roll alignment kit to facilitate the alignment of rollers, shafts, and web-handling systems. The newest addition to the Pinpoint line is described as compact and easy to use in all industrial environments. Typical applications include paper ...Read More
Pro-Line Web Site Helps Users Build A Bench

Haverhill, MA — Pro-Line, using its modular ergonomics, has now made it possible for its customers to create their own workbenches to meet their own precise needs and specifications by using the company's website. The new site, Read More
Samsung: TurnKey SMT Line Increases Productivity

Horsham, PA — Samsung is now offering a complete SMT manufacturing line that includes the SMP400 Screen Printer, SM411 Dynamic Chip Shooter, SM421 Advanced Flexible Mounter and SRF7082 Reflow...
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Schleuniger: High-Speed Wire Prefeeder

Manchester, NH — Newly introduced by Schleuniger, the PreFeeder 60 is a high-speed prefeeding unit for use with automatic Cut Strip Terminate (CST) machines. A controlled roller drive feeds the wire into an accumulator to reduce tension on the wire before it is pulled by the high-speed feeding mechanism ...Read More
Seica: Double-Sided Flying Probe Tester

Salem, NH — Seica Inc.'s Pilot V8 is the latest addition to the company's complete line of Flying Probe Test systems and represents a radical departure from traditional flying prober designs. The new flying prober represents an important...
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SmartMove Intros Wave Exit Conveyor

Fall River, MA — An innovative conveyor system that features full-ribbed belting, cooling tunnel and holding zone is being introduced by SmartMove Conveyors. This all-in-one conveyor system will transfer and cool hot circuit boards from the wave solder exit to a unique brush surface board holding ...Read More
TopLine Intros Large Ionizer-Blower

Garden Grove, CA — TopLine has introduced a large ESD ionizer Model RS-30, which neutralizes any static electricity in the charged object by spraying air, which is ionized by AC high-voltage corona discharge...
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UV III: Handheld UV Curing System

Bellingham, MA — UV III Systems, Inc.'s fully portable, handheld UV curing system is designed for use on three-dimensional parts that are coated with UV-curable coatings or adhesives. The Multicure UV Curing System incorporates a hand-held quartz lamp which produces a narrow-band 365nm output ...Read More
Wiha Intros Line of Crimping & Stripping Tools

Monticello, MN — Wiha Tools has introduced a new line of crimping and stripping tools, with over 65 professional tools. These include PortaCrimp tools, modular plug tools, fixed crimpers, cable strippers, jacket strippers, and specialized strippers for numerous electronic assembly and installation ...Read More
Wire Processor/Crimper from Komax

Buffalo Grove, IL — Komax Corporation has introduced the Alpha 358 automatic crimping machine, which is designed for two-sided crimping and seal loading of wires up to 985-in. (25 meters) on a machine just 158-in. in length. Coiling and binding wires right...
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X-Tek: Advanced X-Ray Viewing Capabilities

Tyngsboro, MA — X-Tek, a Metris company, has added a Quad View facility and dual LCD monitors to the Revolution system to enhance its viewing capabilities and user-friendly appeal. The Quad View facility allows 4 images to be displayed at once which enables a more thorough inspection of substrates and is a useful tool for image comparison for operators...
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Yamaha Intros Fast, Compact SCARA Line

Edgemont, PA — Yamaha Robotics has introduced a complete line of Scara Robots that have shortened cycle times and reduced installation space. The YK-XG Series includes models with arm lengths of 500mm, 600mm, 700mm, 800mm, 900mm, and 1000mm. All units have a maximum payload of 20kg. With compact ...Read More
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