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Publication Date: 05/1/2008
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Agilent: AOI System Can Inspect Paste

Santa Clara, CA — Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced a new Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) platform that is fully qualified for all areas of surface mount technology line inspection, including post-, pre- and 2-D capabilities. Developed to tackle today's complex and shrinking assemblies.  Customers reportedly can easily integrate the Medalist sj5000 into production lines where the...
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Asymtek Intros Microelectronics Dispensing Solutions

Carlsbad, CA — Asymtek, a Nordson company, is introducing the Spectrum S-920N Series of scalable dispensing platforms that adapt to the needs and requirements of high-volume microelectronics manufacturing and printed circuit board assembly such as flip chip and CSP underfill. The scalable machine ...Read More
Clean Room Glovebox from Litron

Agawam, MA — Litron, Inc.'s new clean room is designed to deliver hermetically sealed components virtually free of impurities, corrosive moisture, and damaging electrostatic discharge. The company now houses its glovebox units in a 3,000-square foot Class 100,000 Clean Room. This adds an important ...Read More
Cobar: Bar Solder, Wire, SN100C Alloys

Londonderry, NH — Cobar Solder Products, now part of the Balver Zinn Group, has introduced bar solder for U.S. users (for wave, selective, tinning, and similar applications) and other solder products, including SN100C alloys, to complement its product offering of solder pastes, fluxes, and cored ...Read More
Digitaltest Upgrades Flying Prober & Compatibility Software

Concord, CA — Digitaltest has introduced its second generation Flying Prober Condor MTS-500 which reportedly utilizes unique drive technology, linear motors, and closed-loop technology. The result is a 30 percent faster test operation, while assuring high accuracy in fine pitch applications. Options ...Read More
Electrolube Intros 5 New Coatings

Swadlincote, UK — Electrolube's new coating products include the new VOC-free conformal coating, NVOC, and NVMC, a Non-VOC Machine Cleaner. Additional new coating products include Resin Stop, a new fluoropolymer release coating, PCS, a new synthetic peelable coating mask and FSC, a fast-drying silicone-based conformal coating. NVOC is a polyurethane-based coating which reacts with atmospheric moisture to produce a tough...
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Epoxies, Etc.: Flame Retardant Epoxy

Cranston, RI — Epoxies, Etc. has developed a new thermally conductive and flame retardant epoxy potting and encapsulating compound — 50-3150 FR Black Epoxy with Catalyst 190 and Catalyst 105. They are both listed with Underwriters Laboratories for passing UL 94 V-0. 50-3150 FR is designed to provide electrical insulation while transferring heat away from hot components. In addition to protecting...
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Eraser: Rotary Blade Wire Stripper

Syracuse, NY — Eraser's Model C100S Rotary Blade Wire Stripper is a single blade centrifugal rotary stripper (and twister) that can process insulation from solid and stranded wires. Strip length and blade depth adjustments are made while the machine is running. The unit can be used to remove insulation ...Read More
Fancort Intros PC Board Magazine Racks

West Caldwell, NJ — Fancort has introduced PC board magazine racks for in-line automation with quick adjustment of card guides. The racks come in various sizes to handle boards up to 18 x 21-in. starting at smaller models that hold 10 x 14-in. The racks are all ESD safe with surface resistance from ...Read More
Faster Autoplacers from Mydata

Bromma, Sweden — Mydata has introduced the next generation of pick-and-place machines — the MY100 Series — a completely new placement machine platform which is pushing the limits of SMT technology. The new machine series broadens the Mydata product range to suit even higher production requirements ...Read More
Hakko: Desoldering and Soldering Station

Valencia, CA — The Hakko FM-204 desoldering station has a built-in vacuum pump, a gun or pencil style desoldering handpiece, quick-change composite nozzles (N3 series), a lockout key card that prevents accidental or unauthorized temperature settings, sleep mode functionality that engages when the ...Read More
Higher Power Blu-Ray Disc Curing from Xenon

Wilmington, MA — Xenon Corporation has unveiled the company's new generation of higher power pulsed UV light curing systems. The RC-900 Series, which uses less energy than mercury-based systems, providing a faster pulse rate operation that gives it the ability to deliver 207 Joules/pulse at 25pps  max. A new 6kW power supply, the Model PS-916, powers this higher pulse rate.The high peak energy of each...
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I&J Fisnar: Certified Fluid Reservoir Tanks

Fair Lawn, NJ — ASME-certified fluid reservoir tanks from I&J Fisnar Inc. include top and bottom ported models ranging from 2 qts. to 5 gallons in capacity. Top-ported reservoirs are suitable for liquids less than 150,000cps and bottom ported reservoirs can be used for fluids less than 300,000cps ...Read More
JDV: ESD Wrist Strap

Fair Lawn, NJ — JDV Products Inc. has introduced the new ESD Wrist Strap from Vessel Co. (model EPS-01). This item is especially suitable for preventing static electricity during assembly operation on electronic equipment and components. When the operator is not properly grounded, the unique blinking LED indicator ...Read More
JPSA Intros Photovoltaic Laser Scribing

Manchester, NH — J P Sercel Associates (JPSA) has introduced the PV Series Photovoltaic Laser Scribing Systems. Built on the successful ChromaDice DPSS laser platform. The new PV Series is designed for isolation and series interconnection of thin film solar cells. The company employs high peak ...Read More
Kaeser Compressors: Super-Quiet Operation

Fredericksburg, VA — New AirCenter from Kaeser Compressors offers a compact footprint and low noise levels. The new SM AirCenter series uses the company's reliable and energy-saving rotary screw compressors with the proprietary Sigma Profile airend. The SM AirCenter is available in 7.5, 10 and 15 ...Read More
Lista Tool Cribs for Storage Integration

Holliston, MA — Lista International Corporation's tool cribs are designed for use with various of the company's storage solutions. When combined with its cabinets (stacked or unstacked) or the company's Storage Wall® system, the tool cribs can become part of an integrated CNC parts storage and ...Read More
Manix Intros Adjustable Flatpack Former

Feasterville, PA — Manix Manufacturing, Inc. has introduced its FP-1MAS-2 adjustable flatpack former and cutter. This unique die is designed to form and cut leads to a surface mount reflow configuration with adjustability for body-to-bend, stand-off height, and foot length with no tooling changes ...Read More
Mixpac Intros Bench Dispenser

Salem, NH — Mixpac Equipment Inc. has introduced its DXBG Bench Dispenser — a convenient benchtop unit that offers a fast, simple and accurate solution for dispensing two-component reactive resins of a wide variety of ratios. The highly versatile and economic dispensing system allows the A and ...Read More
Multi-Seals Intros Dissolvable Spacers

Manchester, CT — Multi-Seals Inc. is introducing Wash-Away dissolvable spacers, designed to provide consistent spacing between printed circuit boards and PC board components. These organic polymer spacers locate PC board components during soldering operations. After soldering, Wash-Aways dissolve ...Read More
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