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Publication Date: 03/1/2008
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New PEM Threaded Flare-In Hardware
Flare-in access hardware.
Danboro, PA — New PEM® threaded flare-in access hardware (Type PF11MF with knurled cap and Type PF12MF with smooth cap) introduces a captive screw assembly for permanent installation into almost any panel hardness or material. The patented MAThread® anti cross-threading screw technology provides added value by correcting off-angle installations, reliably aligning components, and easily sliding through potentially clogged internal threads.

These flare-in panel fasteners enable subsequent access to an assembly. Type PF11MF meets UL 508 "operator access area" requirements and Type PF12MF meets UL 1950 "service access area" requirements. Captive screws keep parts to a minimum and intact. Thread sizes range from #4-40 through 1/4-20 and M3 through M6 and the anti cross-thread feature promotes quick installation. As threads come into contact, the anti cross-thread begins to cam over the female thread; the two thread helixes align; and fasteners drive quickly and properly with reduced effort.

The panel fasteners install flush on the back side of a panel using minimal squeezing force with punch and anvil to flare their retainer. A shoulder on the retainer provides a positive stop to promote easier installation and improved performance. They are especially suited for close centerline-to-edge applications and will not mar painted surfaces.

For more information, contact: PennEngineering®, 5190 Old Easton Road, Danboro, PA 18916-1000 800-237-4736 or 215-766-8853 fax: 215-766-0143 Web:

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