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Publication Date: 03/1/2008
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CAO Intros Constant Current LED Bulb
Constant-current bulb.
West Jordan, UT — Making a good thing better, CAO Group has introduced a compact new High Flux Dynasty LED bulb, designed with a driver included in the base to provide constant current, transforming AC/DC low voltage to 3.3V. Available with both white and color LEDs, the new bulb is screw-mounted on a waterproof 1156 base.

With these standard connection bases, it's now possible to incorporate LED lighting in just about any low voltage (12VDC) outdoor, portable, or task lighting application, including as a replacement in existing designs now utilizing conventional 1156 products.

Available in white, blue, cyan, green, yellow and red, these Dynasty light engines are water-resistant, RoHS compliant, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly. Because the LEDs are replaceable, it's easy to change colors without needing a total new assembly. They share such attributes as a continuous 360° horizontal viewing angle (275° vertical), unique butterfly beam, and a typical 70 lumens per watt, and with low heat output. Dynasty LEDs use proprietary phosphors and smaller-than-usual LED chips, for cool-to-the-touch operation.

The company's fusion of ingenious mechanical engineering with sophisticated optoelectronics engineering enables bringing existing products up to state-of-the-art levels without having to change or redesign the base. The Dynasty housings are of a nickel-plated brass alloy, and the bases are aluminum. The center pin contact at the LED base is gold-plated over nickel on a beryllium copper alloy. There are no glass or breakable parts.

The package is designed to operate in ambient temperature of 25°C with an input voltages of 10 to 25VAC or 12 to 35VDC. Typical constant output current is 320mA ±10 percent; typical power consumption is <1.5 watt; driver efficiency is >73 percent; switching frequency is 150kHz ±10 percent.

For more information, contact: CAO Group, Inc., 4628 West Skyhawk Dr., West Jordan, UT 84084 801-256-9282 or 877-877-9778 fax: 801-256-9287 Web:

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