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Publication Date: 03/1/2008
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USB Flash Drives Use VICTREX PEEK Instead of Metal
USB flash memory made with polymer.
West Conshohocken, PA — InnoDisk Corporation (Taiwan) has replaced the metal shell and rubber core of its current USB drive connectors with VICTREX® PEEK polymer, a high performance thermoplastic, because of the polymer's design flexibility and ability to help lower the overall manufacturing costs. According too InnoDisk, using polymer for metal provides greater design flexibility and a shorter time to market, thus lowering the overall product cost.

By integrating the metal connectors and the rubber cores of the USB drive into a one-piece design, it becomes possible to greatly minimize the complexity of manufacturing and reduce the product weight.

As the highest-performing melt-processable polymer available in the market, VICTREX PEEK polymer reportedly provides electronic components with an exceptional combination of benefits including wear resistance, strength, dimensional stability, high temperature resistance and fatigue resistance.

According to the Taiwanese manufacturer, these properties make the polymer an excellent substitute for metal in USB connectors, since durability, reliability, temperature resistance, and stability are all critical to the quality of USB drives.

According to the company, VICTREX PEEK polymer is increasingly being adopted and appraised by leading companies in the electronic component industry. The polymer is a high performance thermoplastic whose unique combination of properties can be customized to meet the growing demands of various industry applications including electronics, semiconductor, automotive and industrial. It reportedly offers numerous mechanical benefits traditionally associated with metal parts and at the same time can enable improved part performance, higher design freedom, reduction in system cost and creation of differentiated application.

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