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Publication Date: 03/1/2008
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Exerra Releases Upgraded SMT Setup Software
Alpharetta, GA — Exerra, Inc. is introducing enhanced printer software that takes the complexity out of the process of building simple printing recipes. The new user interface simplifies the creation of new process programming, and the change-over process to old printer recipes. Suitable for the novice user, access to advanced features is available at the click of a single button at each stage of the set-up process.

The step-by-step configuration sequentially walks even a novice operator through each of the stages required to create a printing recipe, from entering the PCB dimensions, to locating the correct position for the under-board support system all the way through to alignment, printing and stencil cleaning. Each screen provides access to appropriate advanced configuration choices by clicking the "Advanced" button located at the bottom of the active screen. Adding a user-supplied image file of the target PC board allows the operator to move the camera to a desired location using a single mouse click. Finalizing the fiducial teach process is completed automatically by the system once the required locations are stored in the recipe. Both PC board and screen fiducial locations are verified by the operator before they are permitted to move to the next set-up phase.

Operators can select from a number of stencil cleaning options as one of the final steps before completing the board recipe. Cleaning configurations allow for a variety of wet, dry and vacuum-assisted cleaning processes and various combinations of the options. How frequently a stencil is cleaned along with specific methods are stored with each board recipe. Cleaning is scheduled based on a selectable matrix allowing the operator to determine how and when stencil cleaning occurs to optimize throughout and print quality. The Enhanced Software Package is available as an upgrade for existing Exerra printer users.

For more information, contact: Exerra, Inc., 5110 McGinnis Ferry Rd., Alpharetta, GA 30005 770-751-4533 E-mail: ianfleck@exerra Web:

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