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Publication Date: 03/1/2008
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Dynatech Adds Samsung SM400 Series Platform
Samsung autoplacer platforms.
Horsham PA — Dynatech Technology, the exclusive North American distributor of SMT solutions from Samsung, is introducing the SM400 Series, designed on the SMART platform. The system provides a simple and easy operating environment with a modular design to provide high availability with reliable production and optimized throughput. Integrated software has a common operating interface across the complete SM400 Series of placement systems.

The platform provides a rigid, stable base that is scalable and modular with a space-efficient design to maximize productivity on the manufacturing floor. Each member of the SM400 Series includes flying-vision centering with individual cameras for each spindle. This maximizes placement speeds by identifying component centers during travel from the feeder to the placement location. The company's unusual head is designed for simultaneous component pickup from the SM feeders.

The SM411 Dynamic Chip Shooter places at a rate of 42,000 cph based on the IPC 9850 standard handling components from 01005 through 14mm2 with placements accuracy to ±50µ at 3 sigma (Cpk ≥1.0). The dual gantry system includes a dual lane PCB transport with three on-demand production configurations. In its single-lane configuration, the SM411 builds a board with both gantries. In the joined-mode configuration, the system transports a board into one of the two transport lanes and populates it with both gantries while a second board is moved to the work position in the second conveyor. In the third configuration, a board is moved into the appropriate position on the first conveyor, where the placement routine starts using one of the two gantries. A second board is moved into position on the second conveyor, where the second gantry begins to populate the second board.

Increased speeds are also part of the SM421 Advanced Flexible Mounter. Its single gantry adds a stage-vision system to extend the component range from 01005 to 55mm square, and is capable of handling up to 72mm SMT connectors. The SM421 reaches placement speeds up to 21,000 CPH (IPC9850) with accuracy of ±30µ at 3 sigma (Cpk ≥1.0)

Like its chip shooter cousin, the SM421 includes the company's flying vision with a camera system dedicated to each of the six spindles on the gantry, maximizing placement speeds by identifying component centers during transit from the feeder to the placement location.

For more information, contact: Dynatech Technology, Inc., 103 Rock Rd., Horsham PA 19044 215-675-3566 fax: 215-675-4259 E-mail: Web:

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