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Publication Date: 03/1/2008
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SPEA Intros Multimode Flying Probe Tester
Flying probe tester.
Tyler, TX — SPEA is introducing its new 4040 Multimode flying probe tester, equipped with Multi-Probe for performing powered test applications such as boundary scan and Flash programming, and its 3030 Dual-Stage board tester, designed to reach the highest throughput in production test. The fast and very accurate 4040 Multimode Flying Probe tester is characterized by its very high throughput.

This high operating speed makes the machine suitable for high-volume production test. Its high mechanical accuracy provides the capability to contact the latest 01005 and ultra fine pitch components. By using its 6 probes (4 on top and 2 on bottom side of the board), the system can simultaneously contact both sides of the board, the most convenient solution when not all components are accessible on just one side.

With the new Multi-Probing feature, the system can perform powered tests such as functional test, on board programming, and boundary scan. The connection between the tester resources and the board under test is made through a nine-pin Multi-Probe pod, contacting the bottom side of the board. The powered test is performed independently from the in-circuit test; this allows the system to simultaneously perform (in parallel) the powered test and the in circuit test, on a panel of boards, increasing the test throughput. For example, one board is being ICT tested while the board previously passing ICT test is having its programmable devices loaded with data.

The new 3030 board testers have been designed to be flexible to all different test requirements. It is an easy-to-use, affordable in circuit tester; it is also a multi-function test system with a very high throughput. This versatility is possible because of the variety of tester models and the open and modular system architecture. In addition, nearly any type of test fixture receiver can be adapted to the 3030 Series testers. It is possible to choose the tester required to meet the production needs, and modify and expand it at any time to meet new test requirements.

The system can perform parallel test of several boards by executing simultaneously the different operations required, such as in-circuit test, on board programming, functional test, or optical inspection.

For more information, contact: SPEA America, 2609 S SW Loop 323 Tyler, TX 75701 903-595-4433 fax: 903-595-5003 E-mail: Web:

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