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Publication Date: 03/1/2008
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Pre-Wired 1-Axis Strain Gages from Omega

Stamford, CT — Omega® pre-wired strain gages are available in a variety of different models to cover most strain measurement applications. Encapsulated for added durability, the measuring grid is formed by etching Constantan foil, which is then completely sealed in a carrier medium composed of polyimide film ...Read More
New PEM Threaded Flare-In Hardware

Danboro, PA — New PEM® threaded flare-in access hardware (Type PF11MF with knurled cap and Type PF12MF with smooth cap) introduces a captive screw assembly for permanent installation into almost any panel hardness or material. The patented MAThread® anti cross-threading screw technology provides ...Read More
Phoenix Contact: 3 New Expansion Modules

Middletown, PA — Phoenix Contact has unveiled three new additions to its Inline Modular family of products. Two new bus couplers and a backplane expansion module broaden the company's offering of economical and compact I/O solutions. The new Modbus TCP/UDP bus coupler offers the same functionality ...
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PI Adds Piezo Beam Steering Mirror Platforms

Auburn, MA — PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. has extended the S-330 high-dynamics piezo tip/tilt platform family with several new large-angle models. These additions include six closed loop and open loop models for mirrors up to 50mm diameter providing optical beam deflection to 20 mrad (>1x) and have >3kHz resonant frequency for sub-millisecond step response...
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Compact Medical & ITE Power Supply from Power Sources

Wrentham, MA — Power Sources Unlimited is introducing the NXT-225 Series of ultra small (3 x 5 x 1.5-in.) AC/DC power supplies which pack 225W of power into an industry leading 10W/-in.3 power density. Called the NXT-225 Series, the compact supplies have a power factor corrected, universal ...Read More
Renishaw: Sealed Magnetic Rotary Encoders

Hoffman Estates, IL — OnAxis magnetic encoders from Renishaw bring high performance, robust armored construction, simple mounting system, small size and low purchase price to demanding motor control, shaft position and velocity measurement applications for OEMs. Part of the company's family of ...Read More
Rohde & Schwarz: Test Transmitter for Broadcast

Munich, Germany — Rohde & Schwarz's new SFE100 test transmitter for broadcast production delivers price-performance advantage...
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Schaffner: New IEC Inlet Filter

Edison, NJ — Schaffner EMC has introduced its FN9233 IEC inlet filter series offering greater attenuation of 6dB as compared to the FN9222 series. Offering high symmetrical and asymmetrical attenuation performance, the filter was developed for devices and switching power supply units that require ...Read More
Schaefer Intros Converter/Charger Modules

Ashland, MA — Schaefer, Inc. is introducing the C/B 2700 Series of 3U DC/DC and AC/DC converter modules and battery chargers. The C/B 2700's robust design uses industrial grade components and provides a high density, space-saving solution for applications in industries such as railway controls and ...Read More
Pluggable Wieland Connectors Speed Installation

Burgaw, NC — Wieland Electric is introducing its gesis® IP+ (Ingress Protection) family of pluggable connectors. IP+ connectors reduce on-site system installation time as compared to conventional wiring. The product range consists of four basic components: connectors for on-site assembly, preassembled ...Read More
Stahlin: Non-Metallic Boxes Shield Surveillance Cameras

Belding, MI — Stahlin's non-metallic boxes and enclosures have become problem solvers in some unusual ways. To help law enforcement view criminal activity, record better video evidence than can be sent live over cellular networks, increase the number of cameras they can operate in a neighborhod, and stay within bandwidth usage limits, Boundless Security Systems, Inc., developed the Nail-and-Go...
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Res-net Microwave Intros Zero-Bias Schottky Diode Detector

Largo, FL — Res-net Microwave Inc., a subsidiary of Electro Technik Industries, Inc., is introducing a new Miniature Zero-Bias Schottky Diode Detector to their current line of microwave and RF products. The Schottky Diode is an order of magnitude faster than conventional PN diodes making them ideal ...
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Bel Power Intros DC-to-DC Modules

Westborough, MA — Newly added to Bel Power division of Bel Fuse Inc.'s offering of RoHS-compliant isolated and non-isolated power DC-DC converters is the 0RQB-C0U Series of open-frame isolated DC-DC converters. Designed for use in high-speed networking, telecommunications, and computing applications ...Read More
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