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Publication Date: 03/1/2008
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2-Axis Video Measurement System from Vision

New Milford, CT — Vision Engineering has introduced its Merlin 300, a 2-axis video measurement system. The new system is described as an extremely sophisticated unit, easy to operate, that allows the user to "plug and play". By offering the video image solution for parts measuring applications, the ...Read More
ACE Launches Intelligent Selective Fluxer

Spokane Valley, WA — ACE Production Technologies, Inc. has introduced the KISS-104F in-line fluxer, an intelligent fluxing system that enables the fluxing of only the specific components to be selectively soldered. The new unit is a high-speed Inline "Selective Fluxing" system which, working in conjunction ...Read More
ASC: Solder Paste Inspection Systems

Maple Plain, MN — ASC International has launched its VisionMaster M450 and AP450 series solder paste inspection systems. The newly released M450 and AP450 provide many new enhancements to the VisionMaster systems. A larger color...
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AGI Intros PCB Tray Storage Cart

Huntsville, AL — AGI Corporation has introduced its PCB Tray Storage Cart. This cart is designed to protect printed circuit boards of all sizes during transport and storage. The cart is available in two standard sizes to accommodate manufacturer's existing trays. The company also provides conductive ...Read More
Agilent Intros Optical Multiport Power Meter

Santa Clara, CA — Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced an optical power meter with four or eight power-sensor channels that provides manufacturing customers with increased throughput and operational efficiency. Designed for characterizing optical multiport components, these optical power meters ...Read More
Digitaltest Intros CAD Digitizer

Stutensee, Germany — Virtually every test system available requires one basic ingredient — the original CAD data. Digitizer, newly introduced by Digitaltest GmbH, is the only system that gets around the problem of how to test when this vital ingredient is missing. CAD data may simply not be available ...Read More
ECD: 20-Channel Thermal Profiler

Milwaukie, OR — The MEGAM.O.L.E.® 20 from ECD saves its users production time by profiling those complex boards in a single pass. Eliminating the need for multiple runs also helps eliminate the errors that multiple runs often produce. When profiling complex boards with a wide variety of componenttypes and thermal masses, challenges abound. A thermal...
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Asymtek Intros Conformal Coating Platform

Carlsbad, CA — Asymtek, a Nordson company, is introducing its next generation conformal coating platform, the Select Coat® SL 940E which reportedly provides up to 30 percent faster throughput, a vision system, closed-loop process controls, traceability, and advanced integrated software. The new platform provides high quality and increased productivity in a high-speed, high-accuracy coating system...
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Electrolube Intros Non VOC Conformal Coating

Swadlincote, Derbyshire, England — Electrolube has introduced what is said to be the market's first non-VOC conformal coating, NVOC, and NVMC, a VOC-free machine cleaner. The electro-chemicals manufacturer has also introduced Resin Stop, a new fluoropolymer release coating, and PCS, a new synthetic ...Read More
Endicott Intros HPC-Z Interconnect Solution

Endicott, NY — Having to drill plated-thru-holes (PTHs) to make signal connections within PC boards may become a thing of the past, thanks to a new technology from Endicott Interconnect Technologies. New HPC-Z interconnections provide signal connections only where desired, with functional isolation ...Read More
New JTAG/Boundary Scan Module from Goepel

Jena, Germany — Goepel electronic, has introduced Module/DIMM244so as another I/O module of the CION product family. The new low-cost digital module is serially controlled via TAP by special CION ASIC...
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Henkel Intros Dispensable Thermal Interface

Irvine, CA — Henkel has launched its latest thermal product, PowerstrateXtreme Dispensable (PSX-D). As a paste medium, the company's PSX-D alleviates the challenges associated with phase change films and the shortcomings of thermal greases by...
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High Viscosity Tapered Tip Needles from I&J Fisnar

Fair Lawn, NJ — When dispensing high viscosity fluids with standard blunt-end tips, extra pressure is required to overcome the resistance when entering the straight needle tube; the amount of resistance will depend on the internal bore of the tube. The effect of this extra pressure to overcome the ...Read More
IP Systems: Bench Cabinet for Fumes and Vapors

Suwanee, GA — IP Systems' bench cabinet EC1800 is a low-cost solution for cleaning up fumes and vapors. Many electronics industry assembly processes require the use of harsh chemicals which the worker needs to be protected from. The cleaning of boards with solvents or spraying of conformal coating ...Read More
Rohwedder Launches JOT Automation X-Ray Quality Scanner

Irving, TX — Rohwedder Group has launched its JOT Automation X-Ray Quality Scanner. The X-ray scanner has been created to ensure that clients' products are both accurate and of high quality before leaving the factory floor. According to the company, this solution enables electronics manufacturing ...Read More
Marantz: Automatic Desktop Optical Inspection

Santa Ana, CA — The M22XDL-350 desktop Automatic Optical Inspection machine from Marantz Business Electronics reportedly provides both the latest technology combined with cost-efficiency and powerful operator control on a reduced footprint. The small footprint system supports comprehensive inspection ...Read More
Printar Launches Digital Solder-Mask Printing System

Rehovot, Israel — Printar Ltd.has introduced its Printar Ltd.has introduced its GreenJet, reportedly the first-ever fully digital solder-mask printing system for printed circuit board production. According to the company, the new system provides a very high level of performance for solder mask formation by replacing the...
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Pro-Line Offers ESD-Safe Workbench

Haverhill, MA — Pro-Line is offering the Model HD workbench with optional Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) properties. The workbench is available in lengths ranging from 48 to 96-in., widths of 30 or 36-in., and a standard 30-in. height. Incorporating a heavy-duty, independent four-leg design, the workbench provides a highly functional 1000-pound capacity. It can be utilized in virtually any laboratory or production environment...

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SPEA Intros Multimode Flying Probe Tester

Tyler, TX — SPEA is introducing its new 4040 Multimode flying probe tester, equipped with Multi-Probe for performing powered test applications such as boundary scan and Flash programming, and its 3030 Dual-Stage board tester, designed to reach the highest...
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Sunstone Releases DFM Add-On for Layout Tool

Mulino, OR — Sunstone Circuits has released a factory certified add-on that enforces its manufacturing capabilities interactively inside CadSoft's EAGLE PCB Layout tool. According to the company, the DFM Add-On, EAGLE PCB Layout allows users to design with more confidence that their PC board will be manufacturable ...Read More
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