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Publication Date: 03/1/2008
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Budget Priced Systems Meet Small Shop Needs

In spite of the relentless drive toward miniaturization and the increased use of reflow soldering for SMT, there has continued to be a need for wave soldering, even though this process has steadily lost ground to reflow. Continuing miniaturization of products has been the driving force ...Read More
Coaxial Cable Assembly — Automation Is Key

Coaxial cable is used in a variety of products serving many different markets. It is used to carry higher frequency signals from point A to point B with minimal signal loss and degradation. Cables and interconnect systems are getting smaller, and overall volume is increasing. The most ...Read More
Finding Singulation-Caused Cracks in MLCCs

Singulation-caused cracks in multi-layer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCCs) are a wonderful demonstration of that fact that a relatively simple failure mechanism may have far-reaching and expensive consequences. What matters for contract manufacturers is...
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Flex Circuits: Meeting Today's Assembly Challenges

Challenges in the manufacture of electronic assemblies are common in today's "world is flat" environment. They include cultural differences in the workplace, communication, both time and language...
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Reliability of Embedded Thin-Film NiP Resistors

The use of embedded resistors in multilayer printed circuit boards is increasing at the same time the industry shifts to dielectric materials for lead-free...
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Small-Batch Automated System on a Budget

If your customers need short runs that call for highflexibility, plus a mix of lead-free and leaded assemblies, it'spossible to satisfy their demands with...
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