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Publication Date: 03/1/2008
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USB Flash Drives Use VICTREX PEEK Instead of Metal

West Conshohocken, PA — InnoDisk Corporation (Taiwan) has replaced the metal shell and rubber core of its current USB drive connectors with VICTREX® PEEK polymer, a high performance thermoplastic, because of the polymer's design flexibility and ability to help lower the overall manufacturing ...Read More
UV III: Portable Curing System

Bellingham, MA — A fully portable, hand-held UV curing system designed for use on three-dimensional parts that are coated with UV-curable coatings or adhesives is available from UV III Systems, Inc. The MULTICURE UV Curing System uses a hand-held quartz lamp which produces a narrow band 365nm a narrow band 365nm output (other spectrums available) for curing...
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Yamaha: Robots for Fast Pick & Place

Edgemont, PA — The YP-X Series of pick-and-place robots from Yamaha Robotics offers six models, including 2 axes and 4 axes types, for high speed operations. Super high speed pick-and-place operation at 0.45 sec. cycle time provides extremely high productivity. The cycle time is for the YP220BX under ...Read More
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