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Publication Date: 03/1/2008
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Is This Goodbye to HDDs?

Once upon a time, I had a notebook computer that had solved all my portability problems. It was small, actually pocket-size, it used a then-wonderful new product called flash memory, had a monochromatic LCD screen that had no backlighting, but worked just fine with excellent readability with average ambient light. It even ran an abbreviated version of Windows 3.1.
It had a mouse that popped out of the side of...
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Gathering Support for Our Industry

While it's hard to quantify trade shows, the APEX/IPC Designer's Summit has to rank as one of the most important shows for our industry. To have the show in Las Vegas certainly gives it the imprimatur of a worldwide industry leader. Last year's LA show was just a bump in the road for this gathering that is now in a venue that is richly deserved for our industry.
This show has been gathering support, strength and momentum right from its early beginnings in San Diego. An important reason for this is that APEX is a gathering....
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