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Publication Date: 02/1/2008
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HumiSeal Intros Water Based Conformal Coating
Water-based conformal coating.
Bridgewater, MA — HumiSeal has launched its 1H20 AR3 water based conformal coating solution. Calling the new product "revolutionary," the company expects the product to be able to reduce VOC emissions without compromising functionality or reliability. The new water-based conformal coating can protect electronics assemblies at temperature extremes far beyond the capabilities of existing resin-based alternatives.

According to the company, the water-based coating is an extremely safe, low odor, low VOC product, developed to enable high volume customers to meet the European Council's ever stricter emissions targets, not to mention the various health and safety requirements placed on industry.

The performance characteristics of Humiseal 1H20 AR3 stem from the development of a new acrylic emulsion formulation, developed from the beginning with automotive dip-coating applications in mind. 1H20 AR3 offers:

The new coating offers 40µm build per dip, 15 minute cure at 80°C, extremely high insulation and moisture insulation values (MIR), and exceptionally good adhesion to all common substrates. When the coating is first applied it has a milky white appearance that allows operators to gauge coverage during the coating process. This effect gradually fades during the drying cycle, leaving only the transparent film once the coating is dry to touch. Further inspection is assisted by a UV tracer within the compound, which causes the coating to glow blue under long wavelength UV radiation.

For more information, contact: Chase Corporation, Bethany House, 26 Summer Street, Bridgewater, MA 02324 866-828-5470 or 508-279-1789 fax: 508-697-6419 E-mail: Web:

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