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Publication Date: 02/1/2008
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Aerotech: Hardcover Linear Ball-Screw Stage
Sealed ball-screw stage.
Pittsburgh, PA — The ATS165 is a rugged, value-driven linear stage from Aerotech that is especially suited for applications requiring debris protection and medium travel, mid-tier positioning performance. It is similar in design to the ATS115 series, providing additional load carrying capability with larger bearings and a wider cross-section in a long-life linear motion guide bearing system. The hard cover design provides protection from debris, and the robust aluminum cover is hard-coated to provide a scratch-resistant surface. The side seals keep dirt and particulates out of the stage and protect the bearing surfaces from contamination. The vertical orientation of the seals easily deflects debris away from the stage. Competitive top-seal designs can ingest debris in the seal, resulting in the eventual failure and replacement of the sealing mechanism.

The tabletop can be outfitted with an optional brush assembly to remove any particles that collect on the hardcover.
The low-cost, high performance stage travels up to 600mm at speeds up to 300mm/s.

The ball-screw stage has a NEMA 23 motor flange-mounting interface and can be ordered with the company's standard brushless, slotless rotary motor installed. The stage also can be ordered without a motor so that third-party DC brush, brushless, or stepper motors can be used.

The stage is equipped with a ground 5 mm/rev ball screw that provides 0.5µm resolution, and it can be outfitted with English and metric bolt-hole pattern tabletops. A stage-mounted brake option is available to prevent back driving the screw when power is removed from the servomotor with the stage in a vertical orientation. A fold-back kit is also available to effectively reduce the overall stage length for space-constrained applications.

For more information, contact: Aerotech, Inc., 101 Zeta Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15238 412-963-7470 fax: 412-963-7459 Web:

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