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Publication Date: 02/1/2008
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Acculogic Intros Flying Probe Tester
Flying probe tester.
Markham, ON, Canada — Acculogic's Manufacturing Test Systems Division has unveiled the Flying Scorpion FLS9000 Flying Probe Tester. The new tester adds formidable capabilities to the already powerful Scorpion Flying Probe Tester. In addition to no-compromise double-sided test capability, variable angle probe modules, and up to 24 probe modules in a single machine, the system offers ScanProbe and AccuFast drives as standard features. According to the company, the ScanProbe and full integration of boundary scan together with increased accuracy, dynamic response, and reliability, provided by AccuFast technology will enable the Flying Scorpion to migrate more customers from in-circuit test to Flying Probers in the next two years. With boundary scan power fully unleashed, test coverage can be maintained at levels comparable to what is achieved on in-circuit testers and test cycle times will be held to acceptable levels for low-volume production.

The new testers are equipped with the new AccuFast Drive System which relies on advanced digital signal processing (DSP) technology for closed loop control of motors. With four times the speed and acceleration, 1µ positioning resolution, and automatic orthogonality, the new closed loop motors significantly increase reliability and speed of the tester. Furthermore the testers are equipped the company's boundary scan hardware and runtime software as standard in its test controller software.

Through the ScanProbe technology, boundary scan cells are placed behind the flying probes of the FLS9000 tester. With a combination of boundary scan and flying probes, in addition to boundary scan compliant components, many additional non-compliant components can be tested on the flying scorpion.

For more information, contact: Acculogic, Inc., 175 Riviera Dr., Markham, Ontario, Canada L3R 5J6 905-475-5907 fax: 905-475-5415 Web:

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