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Publication Date: 02/1/2008
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Platt Adds Multi-Cart Attachments
Chicago, IL — Platt now offers new attachments for use with its popular Multi-Carts. Each of these attachments makes the already versatile Multi-Cart invaluable. The Piggy Back Wire Spooler Attachment — RSPL3 The Piggy Back Wire Spooler Attachment is designed for wire and cable installers to easily dispense their wire and cable while transporting additional materials and tools directly to the job site.

The Piggy Back Wire Spooler has 3 built in adjustable bars for different spool sizes. This attachment is specially designed for either inner or outer use with CART-R6, CART-R8, CART-R10 or CART-R12. This allows for use of the cart at the same time as hauling spools or other equipment. Bars adjust with movable pins on each side, and it easily attaches and detaches from cart. The Piggy Back Wire Spooler attachment can also be used on outside of cart in conjunction with adjustable shelves for versatile maintenance cart. The Expandable Shelf Kit — RSHK10 — converts the CART-R8, CART-R10 or CART-R12 into a long (52 x 18-in.) or short (34 x 18-in.) shelf cart. The shelf quickly detaches and breaks down for small storage (30 x 18 x 2-in.). Kit contains carpet-covered 1/2-in. plywood with powder-coated steel support tubes and 2 perforated handles.

The Expandable Solid Deck Kit, RSD10, is a two-piece carpet-covered deck that attaches and detaches instantly to prevent small items from falling through the frame. Kit can be used as long or short solid deck and stores small for easy transport. This kit works with CART-R8, CART-R10 and CART-R12.

For more information, contact: Platt Luggage, Inc., 4051 W. 51st Street, Chicago IL 60632-4211 800-222-1555 fax: 773-838-2010 E-mail: Web:

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