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Publication Date: 02/1/2008
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Jetrite Legend Printing System
Legend printing system for PCBs.
Broxbourne, U.K. — KLG and PTL, both leaders in their fields, have jointly developed JetRite, the new UV inkjet system for legend printing on PC boards. Based on digital technology, the new inkjet system offers numerous advantages over more conventional legend printing techniques. By eliminating time-consuming processes, it enables significant reduction of turnaround times even on small series and prototype work.

The system's 2-color print option lets it deliver for more production jobs by seamlessly switching color between batches. For PC board manufacturers who compete on service levels and turnaround times of specialist, high technology and prototype boards, JetRite is the natural choice. Its unique advantages include very fast print speeds at high resolution allowing consistent high quality printing on all production jobs.

According to the company, it produces the smallest inkjet drops in the industry, enabling it to print high quality, well-defined characters that are just 0.5mm high.

The technology also allows significantly improved product traceability by automatically printing variable data such as progressive serial numbers and barcodes onto each individual PC board. Manufacturers can change legends easily and quickly on the fly, and where necessary, automatically X-out failed PC boards. It is also far less wasteful of printing materials.

Based on KLG's field-proven precision positioning platform, JetRite is a rugged production tool. Its solid granite bed eliminates vibrations and provides thermal stability, while state-of-the-art X-Y linear drive motors ensure extremely fast, precise alignment (±2µm) throughout the printing process. The panel to be printed is held on a vacuum bed that eliminates warpage. Its height is checked automatically by laser, enabling precise alignment of the print heads in the Z axis and capability to deal with panels up to 10mm thick. Fitted as standard, JetRite's vision system checks the fiducials on the panel prior to printing and automatically alters the print image accordingly.

The JetRite range includes 1- or 2-color printers with 2 or 4 printing heads and supporting consumables such as heads, easily replaceable state-of-the-art UV curing lamps, and white and yellow UV-curing inks.

For more information, contact: Jetrite, 99 High Road, Broxbourne, Herts EN10 7BN, U.K. +49 (0)8341 966149-0 E-mail: Web:

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