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Publication Date: 02/1/2008
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Power-One Intros Digital POL Converters
Digital converters.
Camarillo, CA — Power-One, Inc. is introducing six new high-efficiency digital POL converters in its ZY2000 "no-bus" and ZY8000 bus-programmable series. These Z-One® Digital POLs provide from 5 to 40 amps for server and communications applications, augmenting the high-current-density 60-amp models that were introduced earlier this year.

Like all Z-One POLs, these new products seamlessly integrate power management and conversion to significantly reduced board-level parts count, improve power-system performance, and enable important power-management functionalities.

Features include: latest-generation topologies provide up to 94 percent efficiency; wide input ranges (8 to 14V) combined with user-defined outputs (0.5 to 5.5V) reduce the number of model numbers in inventory. Operating temperature range is 0 to 70°C with best-in-class elevated-temperature performance.

The product's extremely-scalable architecture manages up to 32 components, including up to 4 analog devices, and high-power-density, low-profile form factors are designed for space-critical blade server and communications applications.

ZY2000 No-Bus POLs are hardware configured via pin strapping and trim components. These products support power management without the cost and complexity of third-party controllers and communications-bus interfaces; enabling power management with no additional cost or space requirements when compared to analog "conversion only" solutions.

ZY8000 POLs can be programmed via an industry-standard I2C bus, or a wizard-driven GUI. When used with ZM7300 Series Digital Power Managers, these POLs facilitate the complete elimination of external components for sequencing, tracking, protections, monitoring, and reporting.

For more information, contact: Power One, Inc., 740 Calle Plano, Camarillo, CA 93012 805-987-8741 fax: 805-388-0476 Web:

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