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Publication Date: 02/1/2008
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EAO: Big-headed Pushbutton Options
Big-headed pushbutton switches.
Milford, CT — EAO has added new options for big-headed pushbutton switches with its ergonomic designs. According to the company, the pushbuttons address the hazards associated with an industrial task, enabling operators to work in easier and safer conditions. The large surface area can be activated either by palm or fist and produces excellent tactile feedback even when activated at the edge.

The extra surface area provides more space for defining function, thus reducing the chance of accidental operation. With flush-mounting, it creates a tamper-proof unit that will resist abusive operation.

Large-headed pushbuttons are available in various sizes from a 22.5mm mounted switch with a 32mm diameter actuator up to a 30.5mm mounted switch with a very large 40mm actuator. A special large actuator with LED illumination that is popular for door opening applications is available in the Series 56 range.

Modularity is a key feature of the company's switches. Pushbuttons can be fitted with a choice of different lenses, front rings and switching elements. If required, lenses can be customized with engraved or film legends. Continuous or flashing illumination is provided by LED's or filament lamps.

Protection is available up to IP67 against dirt and moisture ingress depending on the range. All options are suitable for use in industrial or harsh environments.

For more information, contact: EAO Switch Corporation, 98 Washington St., Milford CT 06460 203-877-4577 fax: 203-877-3694 E-mail: Web:

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