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Publication Date: 02/1/2008
ARCHIVE >  February 2008 Issue >  Special Feature: Components and Distribution > 
AOI: Leading the Way to Zero-Defect Production

The profitability squeeze on domestic PC board assemblers has tightened steadily over the last 10 years through a combination of component and board...

Dispensing Robots: EMS Providers' Right Hand

These days, the decision to justify automating a dispensing application is in itself automatic. Even with emerging industrial markets and low labor costs in the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China), automation has become the first logical route to low cost...

Making Lean Manufacturing Work

Lean manufacturing and distribution are based on improving processes within an organization to eliminate waste where it is found. It is a philosophy that, put into practice, eliminates and reduces costs and increases a company's value. It is derived from the original Toyota focus on ...
New Label Printing Technology Helps Lean Manufacturing

One of the biggest challenges for small and mid-size electronics manufacturing and wire identification firms is to build the labeling process into their other lean manufacturing processes. Every product has its own specific labeling requirements and material...

New Production Technologies for Complex Flash Media

Among the more notable recent trends in high density memory devices has been the explosive consumption of Flash media. Personal Navigation Devices (PNDs), MP3...

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