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Publication Date: 12/1/2007
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VIA Intros 1-Watt Embedded Processor
Hi-speed low-power processor.
Taipei, Taiwan — VIA Technologies, Inc. has added a 500MHz processor to the company's ultra low voltage (ULV) processor family. With an idle power of just 0.1 watt, the new processor has been designed from the ground up to meet the low power requirements of a wide range of industrial, commercial and ultra mobile applications. According to the company, the fanless processor achieves exceptional speed for a full x86 processor within a remarkable 1 watt power envelope, opening up new design possibilities for silent yet powerful system designs. Within the ultra compact 21 x 21mm NanoBGA2 package, the processor enables the x86 platform to squeeze into a smaller, lighter chassis than ever before.

The new processor can be combined with the company's ultra compact CX700/M system media processor, an advanced all-in-one digital media chipset with a maximum operating power of just 3.5 watts, supporting a wide range of multimedia, connectivity and storage options and enabling system platforms with a maximum power of less than 10 watts.

Specifically targeted at applications where ultra cool, ultra quiet and highly reliable performance is essential, the passively-cooled processor is especially suited for ultra low power systems. Based on the company's CoolStream Architecture, the new processor is manufactured using an advanced 90nm process, which enables speeds of up to 500MHz with ultra low power consumption of 1W peak power and as low as 100mW (0.1W) idle power. Integrated into the processor is the company's StepAhead Technology Suite, which has an extensive array of performance-enhancing features including the V4 bus at 400MHz, sixteen pipeline stages, sophisticated branch prediction and an efficiency-enhanced 128KB full-speed exclusive L2 cache, ensuring the processor's low power consumption doesn't come at the expense of performance.

For more information, contact: VIA Technologies, Inc. USA, 940 Mission Court, Fremont, CA 94539 510-683-3300 fax: 510-687-4654 E-mail: Web:

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