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Publication Date: 12/1/2007
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UEI: 32-Channel Analog Output Board
Analog output board.
Walpole, MA — United Electronic Industries (UEI) has released the DNA-AO-332 high density analog output board. The board provides 32 channels of 16-bit resolution analog output with a ±10V output range. The new board is capable of driving ±10 mA while per-channel digital offset and gain calibration limits gain/offset errors to ±450µV and ±305µV respectively.

Compatible with the company's popular PowerDNA, UEIPAC, and UEIModbus "Cubes", the output board provides up to 192 analog outputs in a single, 4 x 4 x 5.8-in. cube. A 1024 sample FIFO on each channel allows each D/A to be updated at 10kHz without data loss. Double buffering the outputs combined with the use of low glitch D/As make the DNA-AO-332 a good solution for generating low frequency wave forms or providing highly accurate switched stimuli. All outputs may be set to update simultaneously if desired. Software for the DNA-AO-332 is provided in the UEIDAQ Framework. The Framework provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use API that supports all popular programming and operating systems including Windows Vista, Linux and most real-time operating systems (e.g. QNX, RTX, RT Linux). Finally, the board is fully supported by LabVIEW, MATLAB/Simulink, DASYLab or any application supporting ActiveX, OPC or Modbus TCP control.

For more information, contact: United Electronic Industries, 611 Neponset St., Canton, MA 02021 781-821-2890 fax: 781-821-2891 E-mail: Web:

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