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Publication Date: 12/1/2007
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MIL Needs Met with Aviel Modified Connectors
Modified MIL type connectors.
San Diego, CA — Aviel Electronics modifies standard industry connector designs to meet specific requirements. One series of such modifications involving a military type connector were made to solve problems occurring in the field. A panel was designed around another company's SMB connector. One issue was that the SMB connectors would easily disengage when minimal axial force was applied to a mated pair.

To solve this issue, engineers designed a custom locking mechanism for the SMB plug that would work on standard SMB jacks.

Moisture entering the connector through the interface was the next issue solved by a simple, but effective solution — modifying the SMB Plug and adding internal o-rings to achieve an IP67 rating. The final issue to solve did not involve straightforward design changes. There was concern was that field technicians could accidentally mismatch the input and output cables under strenuous conditions and jeopardize a mission. The company came up with a reverse polarity version of the connector with a visually distinguishable coupling mechanism. Mating the wrong pair was now not only unlikely, but also physically impossible.

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