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Publication Date: 12/1/2007
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Productronica Shows Strong Business Uptrend
Munich, Germany — The results are in from the Productronica 2007 trade show, and all indications are that electronics production technology continues on a strong upswing. Pre-registration increased 15 percent this year compared to 2005, the last time Productronica was held. The actual number of attendees was a bit more than 40,000, down slightly from 43,113 in 2005.

The slight decline was attributed to a strike of train engineers and the surprisingly strong onset of winter weather. Visitors and exhibitors from outside Germany were up.

45 percent of all visitors came from other countries (2005: 41 percent), and 40 percent of all exhibitors came from other countries (2005: 38 percent). as a result, Productronica continues to be one of the world's leading electronics production trade fairs with an increasingly higher number of international guests.

Karen Moore-Watts, Global Marcom Director, DEK International, confirmed this: "We have seen a trend at this year's event of greater international visitor attendance."

Hans-Jurgen Bochtler, Managing Director and Sales Manager at EMG (Electronic Measurement Group), Agilent Technologies Sales & Services GmbH & Co. KG, agreed: "Productronica is the main trade fair for us for all aspects of electronics production, including for areas outside of Europe."

A total of 1,484 exhibitors from 35 countries, including global market leaders such as ERSA, Fuji, Komax, Panasonic, Rohde & Schwarz, Rohwedder, Samsung, Siemens A&D and Tyco Electronics, displayed state-of-the-art technology and introduced new products at the show.

More Growth Forecast
The German Machinery and Plant Manufacturing Association VDMA and the German electrical engineering and electronics industry association ZVEI reported good ambience before and during the trade fair. According to VDMA, German manufacturers of electronic production equipment forecast double-digit digit sales growth in the upcoming year. ZVEI estimates the global market for electronic components will grow by 6 percent to more than US$410 billion in 2008, buoying the sales prospects of production equipment manufacturers.

Exhibitors and visitors expect the favorable business climate to continue. 85 percent of the exhibitors and 83 percent of visitors said that future development will be excellent to good.

Exhibitors assessed visitor quality very positively. 86 percent (2005: 87 percent) of them evaluated them as good to excellent. Giampiero Pari, Area Sales Manager, Marsilli & Co. S.p.A. said, "We have noted an increase in the attendance of professionals, with direct approaches and concrete inquiries. As a multinational company, we also exhibit in the US and China, but treat

Productronica as our main opportunity to show our range of equipment as well as to interact with the international market, well represented at this show."

Josef Zumstein, Vice President Sales/Marketing, Komax AG, confirms this: "Productronica is the most important trade fair for us; there is no better event in our industry."

The impressive number of business transactions, which were concluded at the trade fair is also proof of this. Kim Sauer, European Marketing Manager, Universal Instruments GmbH, said, "We are especially pleased this year about the fact that we concluded many sales contracts and could even make a few direct sales at our booth."

The Executive Round Table panel concluded that the industry would continue to grow. They discussed their feeling that China continues to be a leading production as well as consuming country, and that the market opportunities exceed the risks of becoming involved there.

India plays a strongly subordinate role to China, with a huge potential both as a software development and electronics production site and market in the near future.

Eastern Europe has less market potential, but offers communications and geographic advantages to production equipment manufacturers.

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