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Publication Date: 12/1/2007
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New NIR PMT Module from Hamamatsu
Near IR module.
Bridgewater, NJ — Hamamatsu Corporation has introduced a new near-infrared photomultiplier tube (NIR PMT) module with easy handling, low noise, and a thermoelectrical (TE) cooling system, which eliminates the need for liquid nitrogen or cooling water. The H10330 NIR PMT module series consists of a compact NIR PMT contained in a thermally insulated, sealed-off housing evacuated to a high vacuum.

The module series has high sensitivity (capable of photon counting), low noise, rise time of 900ps, transit time spread (TTS) of 300ps, and its own TE cooling system.

Three models in the H10330 series, which differ in spectral response range, are available. The H10330-25 has a range from 950 to 1200nm, the H10330-45 from 950 to 1400nm, and the H10330-75 from 950 to 1700nm.

Intended applications include photoluminescence, singlet oxygen measurement, LIDAR, Raman spectroscopy, cathodoluminescence, fluorescence, and fluorescence life time.

Also available in the near-infrared detector lineup are the R5509 NIR PMT series and R3809U NIR MCP-PMT series. The R5509 NIR PMT series includes two models with wide spectral response; R5509-43 has a range of 300-1400nm while R5509-73 has a range of 300-1700nm. Two models in the R3809U NIR MCP-PMT series are available with a fast response time of 170ps rise time and 70ps TTS. The R3809U-68 has a range of 950-1400nm, and the R3809U-69 has a range of 950-1700nm.

For more information, contact: Hamamatsu Corp., 360 Foothill Rd., Box 6910, Bridgewater, NJ 08807-0910 908-231-0960 fax: 908-231-1218 E-mail: Web:

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